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And Then There Were None

Where Have You Seen the ‘And Then There Were None’ Cast Before?

Get to know the star-studded cast before tuning in to And Then There Were None.

November 27, 2018

If you’re a fan of British film or television, you have probably noticed that your favorite actors seem to be recycled through every PBS Masterpiece series, Jane Austen adaptation and Harry Potter film. I heard a fellow Anglophile recently joke, “There are only so many British actors.” If this is true, and there is a limited number of British actors, then they’re all appearing in And Then There Were None, premiering Saturday, May 11, at 9:00 p.m. on KCTS 9. 

So, who’s in this star-studded adaptation of the Agatha Christie classic? Don’t worry about trying to place every character, we’ve got you covered. Here’s where you’ve seen the And Then There Were None cast before.

Charles Dance as Judge Lawrence Wargrave

Judge Lawrence Wargrave, played by Charles Dance

The question isn’t where have you seen Charles Dance before, it’s where haven’t you seen him? The Game of Thrones star’s television debut was in a 1974 episode of Father Brown, and he’s been gracing our screens ever since. You know Dance from Bond films, his role as the Phantom in the 1990 Phantom of the Opera mini-series, the 2001 adaptation of Gosford Park, Mr. Tulkinghorn in Bleak House, Mr. Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, The Imitation Game and more. Dance will also appear in the 2018 version of The Woman in White, airing Sunday, October 21, at 10 p.m.

Maeve Dermody as Vera Claythorne

Vera Claythorne, played by Maeve Dermody

You probably recognize the young Australian actress from her television roles on The Frankenstein Chronicles and Marcella.

Aidan Turner as Philip Lombard.

Philip Lombard, played by Aidan Turner

Masterpiece fans know Aidan Turner best as Ross Poldark. (Poldark returns for a fourth Season on September 30 at 9:00 p.m.) But fans of the swashbuckling hero are probably also familiar with Turner’s work in The Hobbit, Being Human and Desperate Romantics.

Toby Stephens as Dr. Edward George Armstrong.

Dr. Edward George Armstrong, played by Toby Stephens

While Toby Stephens has had a prolific career full of roles that would make him recognizable to PBS viewers, he also has our hearts because of his connection a certain Masterpiece favorite, Maggie Smith. That’s right, Stephens is the son of Dame Maggie Smith, the Dowager Countess herself. So where have you seen Stephens before? On PBS, he's appeared in Poirot, Cambridge Spies, Marple and Inspector Lewis; he was Rochester in the BBC television adaptation of Jane Eyre; and he starred in Netflix’s Lost in Space

Burn Gorman as William Henry Blore.

William Henry Blore, played by Burn Gorman

Settle in, Burn Gorman’s resume is long. Here’s the short of it: You know Gorman from The Man in High Castle, Torchwood, Game of Thrones, Turn: Washington's Spies, Marple, ITV’s 2009 adaptation of Wuthering Heights, as Guppy on Bleak House and so, so many more. Gorman also currently stars on the PBS series Jamestown, premiering September 27 at 10 p.m. (The series is already available on Passport.)

Miranda Richardson as Emily Brent.

Emily Brent, played by Miranda Richardson

The Golden Globe and BAFTA winning actress has had an impressive career. When I scrolled through her IMDB page, I got a cramp. Here are some highlights: Blackadder, Empire of the Sun, The Crying Game, the 1998 Merlin mini-series, Sleepy Hollow, The Hours, The Phantom of the Opera, Rita Skeeter in the Harry Potter series, An Inspector Calls, Girlfriends and more.

Noah Taylor as Thomas Rogers.

Thomas Rogers, played by Noah Taylor

I’m starting to believe there really are only a dozen or so actors in period dramas. Thomas Rogers has also appeared in, well, just about everything. You know him from: Inspector Morse, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Borgias, Game of Thrones, Max, Shine, as Derby Sabini in Peaky Blinders and Adolf Hitler on Preacher.

Anna Maxwell Martin as Ethel Rogers.

Ethel Rogers, played by Anna Maxwell Martin

Any Masterpiece fan worth their salt will recognize Anna Maxwell Martin. She’s played Elizabeth Bennet (Death Comes to Pemberley) and starred in The Bletchley Circle. But, you also know her from Midsomer Murders, North & South, Doctor Who, Becoming Jane, Philomena, The Frankenstein Chronicles and as Esther Summerson on Bleak House.

Sam Neill as General John Gordon Macarthur.

General John Gordon Macarthur, played by Sam Neill

Sam Neill may be best known for his role as Dr. Alan Grant in the Jurassic Park series, but the New Zealand actor has had a long career. Neill is also known for his roles in The Piano, Sirens, as Merlin in the 1998 mini-series, as Cardinal Thomas Wolsey on The Tudors, Inspector Campbell on Peaky Blinders and more. Also, if you haven’t seen Neill in Hunt for the Wilderpeople, you should — it’s delightful.

Douglas Booth as Anthony Marston.

Anthony Marston, played by Douglas Booth

Douglas Booth’s breakout role was Boy George in the BBC Two biopic Worried About the Boy. He also had large roles as Pip in Great Expectations (2011), Romeo opposite Hailee Steinfeld in Romeo and Juliet, as Mr. Bingley in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and as Percy Shelley in Mary Shelley.


Caroline Gerdes

Caroline Gerdes is the social media specialist at Cascade Public Media and a New Orleanian living in Seattle. She was also a National Geographic Young Explorer — which is totally a real job title. She recently published her first book, An Oral History of the New Orleans Ninth Ward

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You mistakenly refer to the actor Noah Taylor's 9ther roles using the character name he played.