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TV Reception Notice
KCTS experienced a brief outage on Friday Oct 26. If you are still experiencing trouble receiving our signal you may need to re-scan your television to pick up our signal. For help with rescanning please visit

How may we be of help?


The KCTS 9 team of member, technical and programming services representatives is at the ready to provide you with exceptional customer support! Please select a topic below.

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KCTS 9 Television
401 Mercer St.
Seattle, WA, 98109
Lobby area is open Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.

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Donor and Audience Relations

If you have questions about:

  • Membership
  • Passport activation
  • Donations
  • Premiums (thank-you gifts)
  • Other membership-related matters
  • Programs
  • Schedules
  • Station information
  • Using the website
  • Streaming devices, e.g. Roku, Apple TV
  • General inquiries

TV Reception Difficulties

If you are experiencing TV reception issues, please complete our technical support form.

TV Reception Support

How to Submit a Story Idea

Have a story idea or news tip?

Submit a Story Idea

Closed Captioning Help

If you have questions about:

  • Close captioning not showing up
  • Incorrect captions

We will make every effort to respond or otherwise resolve your inquiry within 24 hours or one business day.

Written Closed Captioning Complaints*

*Before sending a formal written complaint, we recommend you first contact our captioning hotline (see above). We may be able to resolve your problem immediately without the need for a formal complaint. In any event, we will respond to your complaint within 30 days.

Please make sure that your written feedback includes all of the information required by the Federal Communications Commission:

  1. Your name, postal address, and other contact information, such as telephone number or email address;
  2. The name, postal address, website, or email address of the video programming distributor and/or video programming owner against which a complaint is made, and information sufficient to identify the particular video programming involved;
  3. Information sufficient to identify the software or device used to view the program;
  4. The date and time of the incident, and a statement of the facts sufficient to show that the video programming distributor and/or video programming owner has violated the requirements;
  5. The specific relief sought;
  6. The preferred format or method of response to the feedback.

KCTS 9 Public File

If you need assistance with accessing content in the KCTS 9 or KYVE Public Files.


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