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When Seattle Invented the Future: The 1962 World’s Fair (2012)

Music of Art and Toni Mineo for the 1962 World's Fair

Attilio (“Art”) Mineo and wife Toni Mineo were musicians based in Tacoma, Washington at the time of the Seattle World’s Fair. In 1962, Art was contacted by the World’s Fair organizers to compose space-themed music for the Bubbleator ride, and although “Man in Space with Sounds” was recorded in 1951, it was only released as the musical accompaniment to the Bubbleator in 1962. Art and Toni Mineo also composed a second album, titled ‘Rhapsody 21,’ for the World's Fair.

Art passed away in 2010 and is survived by his wife, Toni, and his son, Gene. In this interview, Toni and Gene recall their memories of Art, composing music for the World's Fair, and visiting the fairgrounds.

Gallery: Art and Toni Mineo images from the World's Fair