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The Mayors: A KCTS 9 Special

About the Program

We host Wes Uhlman, Charles Royer, Norm Rice, Paul Schell, and Greg Nickels in a candid, one-hour conversation.

KCTS 9 brings together five former Seattle mayors for a candid conversation about the challenges, successes, and unpredictable events they faced during their days as the chief executive of Washington's largest city. As Seattle's 2013 mayoral election takes shape, Wes Uhlman, Charles Royer, Norm Rice, Paul Schell, and Greg Nickels join co-hosts KCTS 9's Enrique Cerna and the Seattle Time's Joni Balter to talk about what it means to be mayor — a position of honor and privilege, but with public pressures and urban challenges around every street corner. "It is the toughest political job in the US, second only to that of president," said Phyllis Lamphere, former Seattle City Council member and one-time mayoral candidate.


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This was a terrific program! Two people recommended it to me and I watched it tonight on my computer.

Love to hear what you think about new features, stats and events. The news blog is a bit different from others, so I appreciate it. All the programs are remarkable. Experts around the world are available to comment for news stories, to express their views on the news. Thank you for sharing the news blog. Keep sharing.
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every thing works here