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2016 NW Emmy Nominations

Wildlife Detectives

The Poaching of Puget Sound

The story of the Pacific Northwest’s most lucrative and highly poachable marine resources and the officers charged with protecting...


Path With Art Singers: Healing Through Song

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Reverend Al, Homeless Hero

Retired reverend helps Victoria, BC's homeless.

Wildlife Detectives

KCTS 9 and EarthFix investigate the alarming threats to Northwest wildlife.

Perfect Invaders: How Crayfish Threaten Crater Lake’s Smallest Creatures

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Victoria's Royal Flush: Lack of Sewage Treatment Still Creating a Cross-Border Stink

After three decades of promises, Victoria, British Columbia, is still pumping raw sewage into shared waters and is nowhere near a...

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Tactics of Black Lives Matter

For Black Lives Matter activists, direct-action tactics are employed to disrupt the routine and perforate complacency; to make...

Race, Justice & Democracy

A continuing discussion about one of the most difficult and important issues facing our country: the relationship between a person's race and his or her experience of justice and democracy in the U.S. today.

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Bargaining With Death: Using the Death Penalty as a Law Enforcement Tool

When Gov. Jay Inslee announced a moratorium on the death penalty in Washington, those who caught and prosecuted "Green River...

How We Fight Wildfires

Wildfires can get so big that they create their own weather systems, with hurricane force winds. How do wildland firefighters tame...