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Super Brain: A User’s Manual -Hardcover book, Super Brain -Softcover book, Super Brain – The Handbook -Softcover guide, Super Brain – Getting Started Now! -7-DVD Library ◦Super Brain (program DVD) ◦5 Super Brain Steps for Permanent Weight Loss ◦Your Super Brain & Your Money ◦Stop Worrying Now! ◦10 Steps to Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease ◦Super Memory Now! ◦7 Steps to a Super Soul - Digital download app, Blissful Sleep
SUPER BRAIN explores new discoveries in neuroscience that maximize the potential of the human brain in practical and actionable ways. Ever since it became possible to view the human brain as it lights up with activity, researchers have had to change long-held assumptions about an organ that has been called "the three-pound universe." Harvard Medical School professor Rudy Tanzi takes advantage of cutting-edge research to show the way we all can maximize our brain’s potential.