Erin Katz
9 Media Lab Manager
Filmmakers: Maddie Barnett, Gracie Rouen

"We chose Ms. Katz as our maker for many reasons. The main reason was because while at The Center School, we saw her change people's lives. When we both started at Center last year, we would always hear about how awesome Ms. Katz was. It was obvious that everyone loved her. For us that was a big motivation to take film or photography classes in our later years.

When she left The Center School, we all really got a chance to realize how much she was appreciated. On her last day, tears were pouring and everyone planned a huge party. In that moment you could really see the connection she had built and how much she had positively impacted students. Although we were sad, we were all excited for her new adventures. As they say, you don't know what you've got until it's gone, and as soon as she left the impact was clear; we all missed her daily while they were looking for a new teacher. We chose Ms. Katz as our MAKER because she positively impacts and encourages everyone she relates with and teaches. She is caring, talented and overall an amazing woman who inspires both of us."