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Sea Stars


A Baby Boom Is Helping West Coast Starfish Recover After Die-Off

Scientists say starfish populations are recovering from a devastating die-off with help from a massive baby boom.

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Starfish Are Still Disappearing From Northwest Waters

Although scientists have isolated the cause of sea star wasting syndrome, starfish continue to die.

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Scientists Solve Mystery of West Coast Starfish Die-offs

After months of research, scientists have identified the pathogen at the heart of the starfish wasting disease that’s been killing...

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Oregon Divers Find Hope in Thousands of Baby Sea Stars

Divers at the Oregon Coast Aquarium say they have new hope that sea stars will recover from the widespread wasting syndrome that’s...

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EXCLUSIVE: Is Alaska Safe For Sea Stars?

As scientists race to save West Coast starfish, researchers look for hope in the cold waters of Alaska.

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Dying Starfish Could Get Help From Congress

Researchers have been scrambling for more than a year to make sense of a strange disease that’s...

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Scientists Close in on the Cause of Sea Star Wasting Syndrome

Starfish are dying by the millions up and down the West Coast, leading scientists to warn of the possibility of localized extinction...