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Friday, January 18
Jan 17, 4:45pm ReInventors
Meat from Plants (4 min)

Move over, Tofurky. Plant-based meats are booming, and companies like Seattle-based Field Roast are redefining an entire food group. But it's more than a matter of just taste or ethics: Animal-derived proteins carry a larger carbon footprint than their plant based substitutes, so your hamburger choice has real consequences for the environment. On this episode of ReInventors, we visit Field Roast's test kitchen to learn how their chefs are creating the future of meat by fusing ancient Chinese recipes with traditional charcuterie, and we taste the result. Join us to see how the vegan sausage is made.

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Friday, January 25
Jan 24, 4:48pm ReInventors
Pollution Lab (5 min)

Researchers at Vancouver General Hospital are teleporting people to Beijing for an afternoon. Well, sort of. At University of British Columbia’s Air Pollution Exposure Lab participants are helping researchers learn about the harmful effects of air pollution on the human body. Long term exposure to air pollution impacts the lungs, heart, skin, endocrine system, brain and eyes making it one of the leading environmental causes of death worldwide. Participants in the study spend two hours in a plexiglass box filled with either diesel exhaust, which mimics the air quality of Beijing, or filtered air. The goal is and answer the bigger questions, with the need for development how will air pollution effect us in the future?

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Friday, February 1
Jan 31, 4:46pm ReInventors
Bug Ranching (5 min)

Beta Hatch, a nonprofit focused on protecting salmon and a Washington bug farm raises mealworms as an alternative feed to fish meal — a zero-waste option that even reduces waste from other agricultural industries.

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