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Good Works: Masters of the Building Arts

This film profiles decorative painters, terra-cotta workers, metalsmiths, and more. Telling a story of craftsmanship, tradition, and beauty.

Thursday, January 24
Jan 24, 1:00pm Place to Call Home
A Nagging Doubt (52 min)
episode numbers: 401

The death of a local schoolteacher leads Sarah to a shocking discovery. Elizabeth's new attitude to life stuns the family. George takes charge of James and Olivia's separation as they struggle to move on with their new lives.

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Jan 24, 2:00pm Place to Call Home
Bad in a Good Way (52 min)
episode numbers: 402

As Sarah faces Sgt. Taylor's strong suspicion that she murdered Milly, Regina weaves another tendril around George. James is rattled by Olivia's confession. Jack proves to Carolyn that she's worthy of him.

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Thursday, January 31
Jan 31, 1:00pm Place to Call Home
When You're Smiling (48 min)
episode numbers: 403

When Sarah and Roy go to Sydney to deal with Sgt. Taylor's accusation, she finds more than she bargained for. Can Carolyn admit the truth to Elizabeth? Henry's confession forces James to sort out his true feelings.

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Jan 31, 2:00pm Place to Call Home
Home to Roost (48 min)
episode numbers: 404

Elizabeth seizes the chance to battle Regina and Sir Richard at the Prime Minister's dinner. Harry helps Sarah heal some deep emotional scars. George restores order at Ash Park.

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