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KCTS 9 PBS KIDS 24/7 Live Stream
Sunday, September 1
Aug 31, 11:00pm POV
The Return (1 hour 26 min)

The Return examines an unprecedented reform to California's "Three Strikes" law through the eyes of those on the front lines - prisoners suddenly freed, families turned upside down, reentry providers helping navigate complex transitions, and attorneys and judges wrestling with an untested law.

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Sunday, September 8
Sep 7, 11:00pm POV
Farmsteaders (56 min)

Clear-eyed and intimate, Farmsteaders follows Nick Nolan and his young family on a journey to resurrect his late grandfather’s dairy farm as agriculture moves toward large-scale farming. A study of place and persistence, Farmsteaders points an honest and tender lens at everyday life in rural America, offering an unexpected voice for a forsaken people: those who grow the food that sustains us.

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Sunday, September 15
Sep 14, 11:00pm POV
Grit (56 min)

A multinational natural gas drilling company is believed to be responsible for the displacement of 60,000 people in an East Java village left submerged by a tsunami of mud. Fed up with the company's delayed cleanup, Dian, a politically active teenager, galvanizes her neighbors to fight against the corporate powers accused of one of the largest environmental disasters in recent history.

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