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Monday, July 22
Jul 22, 12:00pm Martha Bakes
North American Cookie (26 min)

Since you can never have enough cookies, Martha updates three mouthwatering classics: maple cream sandwich cookies with buttery shortbread and a rich maple cream, an amped up chocolate chip cookie made with an astonishing amount of chocolate chips, and when it comes to oatmeal raisin cookies, bigger is always better! Something delicious for everyone!

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Monday, July 29
Jul 29, 12:00pm Martha Bakes
Cookies of Austria, Germany & Switzerland (26 min)

The holidays are what unite the baking traditions of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The once holiday recipes have since become year-round favorites. On today's show, Martha shares some of the most popular: whimsically shaped chr-beli that get their distinctive flavor from anise, show-stopping jam-filled linzer cookies, and pfeffernuse, flavored with warm spices. Homemade treats fit for any gathering!

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Monday, August 5
Aug 5, 12:00pm Martha Bakes
Latin American Cookies (26 min)

Join Martha as she shares three iconic recipes highlighting Latin America's rich culinary heritage. Cinnamon-sugar coated polvorones get their name from the word polvo, meaning "dust" in Spanish, bite-sized sandwich cookies known as casadinhos, which is the Portuguese word for married, and Guatemalan champurradas made with locally grown sesame seeds. Recipes so delicious, you'll want to travel to Latin America!

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Monday, August 12
Aug 12, 12:00pm Martha Bakes
Eastern European Cookies (26 min)

One thing Eastern Europe is known for are the treasured recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. On today's show, Martha shares a special memory of her mother teaching the recipe for a family favorite, Polish chrusciki. Then she shows Russian goose feet that owe their feather-light texture to secret ingredient, jam-filled kolaches, and pryaniki which get their name from the Russian word for well-spiced. Special treats your family will adore!

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Monday, August 19
Aug 19, 12:00pm Martha Bakes
Italian Cookies (26 min)

The 20 regions of Italy each have their own distinct culinary traditions but one thing Italians commonly share is their love of cookies. Today, Martha shares three favorites: chestnut-filled baci di dama from the Piedmont region, Tuscan twice-baked cookies known as cantucci, and brutti ma buoni made from a mouthwatering combination of chopped hazelnuts, bittersweet chocolate, and meringue. Recipes guaranteed to please!

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Monday, August 26
Aug 26, 12:00pm Martha Bakes
Cookies of Great Britain (26 min)

Calling all anglophiles! Join Martha as she shares three classic cookies, or as they say, "biscuits" from Great Britain: traditional English shortbread baked in a ceramic mold, Welsh Bakestones, an interesting cross between a chubby cookie and a scone, and Celtic knots known for their intricate trefoil pattern. Delicious for teatime or anytime!

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