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KCTS 9 PBS KIDS 24/7 Live Stream
Monday, May 27
May 27, 12:00pm Martha Bakes
Oats (26 min)

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Monday, June 3
Jun 3, 12:00pm Martha Bakes
Cocoa (26 min)

Imagine a world without chocolate... Amy Guittard, a chocolate expert, shares her vast knowledge of cocoa, and Martha makes an unusual savory black bread that includes cocoa and coffee, and a decadent chocolate charlotte.

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Monday, June 10
Jun 10, 12:00pm Martha Bakes
Grapes (26 min)

Wonder about grapes no more: farmer and expert Len Barron demystifies their different varieties. Then, Martha prepares two standout grape recipes: time-honored winemaker's focaccia and an eye-catching Concord grape tart.

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Monday, June 17
Jun 17, 12:00pm Martha Bakes
Almonds (26 min)

Indulge in the versatile almond, which shows up in everything from milk to butter. Almond expert Priscilla Martel shares her wisdom, and Martha bakes two very special recipes: almond crunch ice cream cake and a gorgeous dessert known as blancmange.

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Monday, June 24
Jun 24, 12:00pm Martha Bakes
Pantry Milks (26 min)

Don't underestimate shelf-stable dairy products. Dairy expert Holley Grainger reveals some trade secrets, and Martha incorporates pantry milk into two heavenly desserts: passion fruit meringue pie and cuatro leches cake.

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