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KCTS 9 PBS KIDS 24/7 Live Stream
Saturday, February 23
Feb 22, 8:45pm IN Close
Balancing Homelessness and Fatherhood (4 min)

When Anthony Battiste and his wife separated, he become the sole caregiver for his four young sons. Unable to pay the mounting bills on his income as a roofer while tending to his sons full-time, Battiste and his boys became homeless. Spend a day in their life as they regain stability through help from Mary's Place, a Seattle-based social service organization.

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Saturday, March 2
Mar 1, 8:45pm IN Close
World in a Box: The Art of Peggy Smith-Venturi (2 min)

Artist Peggy Smith-Venturi creates miniature worlds in boxes to inspire a new perspective of our environment.

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Saturday, March 9
Mar 8, 8:44pm IN Close
Camp Blaze (4 min)

In the mountains of North Bend, Washington, Camp Blaze hosts a group of teenage girls who choose to spend their summers putting out fires literally. They also rappel off tall buildings, smash car windows and use the jaws of life in simulated rescues, haul heavy firehoses across the pavement, and learn how to cocoon themselves in thin plastic shelter bags. Many hope for the day they will come face to face with a burning building or forest, but Camp Blaze does more than just teach what it takes to be a firefighter. By pushing campers to their physical and emotional limits, veteran female firefighters are sharing lessons of empowerment and strength that girls can use everywhere.

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Saturday, March 16
Mar 15, 8:45pm IN Close
Integrated Dancers (3 min)

Two dancers, one wheelchair-bound, create beautiful choreography called “integrated dance.”

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Saturday, March 23
Mar 22, 8:44pm IN Close
Keeping The Faith In Prison (3 min)

A Seattle choreographer has been teaching arts programs in prisons for 25 years, allowing some inmates to experience bonding and friendship they’ve never known before.

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Saturday, March 30
Mar 29, 8:45pm IN Close
Seattle Black Panther Mural (6 min)

Franklin High School students paint a mural honoring the Seattle Chapter of the Black Panther Party on its 50th anniversary

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