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Tuesday, June 27
Jun 27, 3:30pm Chef's Life
Pretty In Peach (26 min)

Mrs. Scarlett teaches Vivian the secrets of Gramma Hill's canned peaches and shares memories from her own childhood. Vivian sweats through a Thanksgiving-in-July photo shoot while a major mix-up leaves the restaurant team scrambling.

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Tuesday, July 4
Jul 4, 3:30pm Chef's Life
Gettin' Figgy with It (26 min)

Vivian is under the gun to pen an entire book chapter on figs in three days. The stress inspires a fig and honey bourbon slushie tasting and a fig preserves session. After much debate, Vivian and Ben decide to charge for bread at the restaurant.

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Tuesday, July 11
Jul 11, 3:30pm Chef's Life
Pickle Perfect (26 min)

Vivian visits her friend Nancy for a surprisingly comforting combination of homemade pickles, chicken salad and chocolate cake. Ben and Vivian audition a new chef to offer Ben some relief and much-needed time to focus on his art.

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Tuesday, July 18
Jul 18, 3:30pm Chef's Life
Prickly Business (26 min)

Vivian's mentor, Scott Barton, stops by the restaurant and shares the African roots of okra. Vivian learns that picking okra is a prickly business and gets a crash course in food styling during a photo session for her upcoming cookbook.

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Tuesday, July 25
Jul 25, 3:30pm Chef's Life
If You Can't Beet Em.... (26 min)

Matt from Crooked Fence Produce shows Vivian how to make "the best pickled beets she ever ate." Vivian incorporates beets into an unconventional chocolate cake in honor of Ms. Mary's 89th birthday. There's no telling how Ms. Lillie will respond.

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