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Thursday, June 29
Jun 28, 7:30pm Changing Seas
Saving Sawfish (26 min)

The strange, prehistoric-looking Smalltooth Sawfish were once coveted by anglers as popular trophy fish. But habitat loss and overfishing have greatly reduced the animals' range and landed them on the endangered species list. Today, the fish are limited to South Florida, where scientists are conducting research to save the species.

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Thursday, July 6
Jul 5, 7:30pm Changing Seas
Sea Turtles: The Lost Years (26 min)

After sea turtle hatchlings emerge from their nests, they vanish into the sea. Until recently, their journey was largely shrouded in mystery. Now, as technology advances, researchers are beginning to understand where turtles go during their so-called "lost years."

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Thursday, July 13
Jul 12, 7:30pm Changing Seas
Grand Cayman's Famous Stingrays (26 min)

Each year, thousands of tourists interact with the tame southern stingrays that congregate in the shallow waters of Grand Cayman's North Sound. Famous marine artist and scientist Dr. Guy Harvey has assembled a research team to study what impact the ecotourism might have on the wild fish.

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Thursday, July 20
Jul 19, 7:30pm Changing Seas
Billfish: Battle on the Line (26 min)

The unique oceanographic conditions of the eastern tropical Pacific make the area one of the best spots in the world for big game anglers to hook billfish. But intense pressures from commercial fishing operations have taken their toll on the numbers of sailfish and marlin in the region. Researchers are studying the animals to provide the data necessary to protect the fish populations from further decline.

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Thursday, July 27
Jul 26, 7:30pm Changing Seas
The Secret Sex Life of Fish (26 min)

Most people are familiar with the pretty tropical fish found in aquariums, but few realize that some of these animals are capable of changing sex. Discover the unique ways of how some fish species do this and why they likely evolved this way.

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