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Protect My Public Media is a grassroots collaboration of local public radio and television stations, national distributors, producers, viewers, listeners and others who support a strong public media system in the United States. The goal of the campaign is to activate audiences to support federal funding for public media by taking a stand for the local stations and programs they love.

We hope you’ll take action to support KCTS 9 and other public broadcasting stations in the Pacific Northwest and across the country.

Did You Know?

Public media stations are independent, locally owned and operated, and are a vital source of regional news and information for the communities they serve. These stations receive annual grants directly from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) that make up an important part of the mix of revenue supporting their work, which also includes individual viewer contributions, corporate sponsorship support and other grants.

Public media funding is a small part of the federal budget — about one hundredth of one percent of the federal budget, or approximately $1.35 per American citizen per year. Getting rid of this funding would have no impact on the nation’s debt. It would only hurt the local stations you watch and listen to everyday. And this funding is irreplaceable. It allows your radio and TV stations to give you the best educational, news and music programming that you can’t find anywhere else.

Here are ways for you to stand up for the local programs and stations you love through Protect My Public Media:

  • Sign up as an official supporter at, where you can learn more about legislation and budgets affecting our local stations.
  • Share your personal public media testimonial or story.
  • Like Protect My Public Media on Facebook.
  • Follow Protect My Public Media on Twitter.
  • Spread the wordsend a note to a friend to let them know about
  • Keep informed — sign up to receive an alert when your involvement can make a critical difference.
  • Send a letter to your elected officials, urging them to support funding for public media.


Learn how you can help at Protect My Public Media.

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Please don't get rid of this station! My kids love it and I love this it is fun and educational. It would be a very sad day to take away this station while some of the others thrive on tv when they are not good for children. Please keep public television.!

My son is watching sid the science kid as we speak. I love this program as an alternative to the un-education cartoons shown on other outlets. Public television is the only channel that gives me that choice. I make sure to always donate, but I also know that is not enough to keep the programs running. So not for me, but my child and his children save PBS.

Please keep Channel 9 up and running. My child loves that channel. Make cuts elsewhere, not here. SAVE PBS!!!

I just sent an email to congressman Inslee to voice my concerns and urging him to vote to save PBS.

PBS is still the only safe broadcasting on television without violence/swear words, etc. Without PBS what kind of garbage will our kids have to watch. They say kids learn violence, etc from video games, etc. What are parents who care about their children and what they are taking in from television suppose to do without a safe outlet?I have fond memories of Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, etc and now my kid is going to have to watch garbage tv and watching cartoons with them focusing on beating up children, playing pranks on other children.. is that the kind of stuff I want my kid to watch.. NO!

PBS is one of the few broadcasts that offers quality programming for all ages. Where does the one Guest get the impression it is left-winged? I can't for the life of me understand where THAT statement came from? PBS gives the facts, and relates both sides of an issue in so doing. I think too many people take internet garbage as the gospel to live by and speak by. Historians give the facts. Since PBS is not supported by high-rolling advertisers, it does not have to support any special group to receive funding. That's what makes it unique and keeps it honest.

We need to support KCTS, KBTC and other local public TV stations in order to have access to different kinds of programs not offered anywhere else. I support them whenever I can because we don't receive that type of programming anywhere else.

Please do not cut PBS!!!

My family and I love watching shows on both PBS Seattle and Detroit. We watch these channels for their quality and educational programming. Please tell us what Canadians can do to get involved in this issue. We want to help save PBS!

Public television has given me a balanced view of the political reality for many years. There is no substitute for balanced reporting.

Please continue the education based kids program, my kid loves to watch it and have learned a lot by watching it. So please continue it.

Hello, I’m calling to voice my support for public broadcasting, and to urge Senators Cantwell and Murray to support federal funding for public broadcasting. There are several bills pending in Congress that would eliminate this funding—which is used by local stations like KCTS 9, our local public TV station, to generate almost 10 times that amount—one of the best examples of public-private partnership around.

Ed and Rosemary Esbeck


Please do not get rid of channel 9. I literally grew up on this channel, and it means so much to me. Please don't get rid of something so beneficially educational to everyone; kids to adults. There are not that many educational shows these days, but this is one of the greatest channels that provide education. So please do not get rid of it.


PBS is the most important source or entertainment and information on the nation's television channels.
Don't cut its fundings!

There is no reason for tax payers to support PBS when we need to cut spending. You can just read the letters from the people supporting PBS and see thier obvious liberal bias. Pay for it yourselves if it is so important but don't take my money for something that is not wanted by me. Raise your own money in the private sector and put your favorite shows on. Ellen

Protect PBS.
It is the heart and soul of our community.
It is the only place we can obtain true investigative reporting.
It is the only place we can get enriching performances of the arts.
It is the only source of TV programming that is not inspiried and influenced by economic pressures.
It is the last station that has not succummed to violence and sex to attract an audience.
PBS allows us to relax and escape the stress and pressure of daily living!

Please continue to finance public television!!!


I LOVE KCTS- this broadcasting network is very cultural and informative. So please don't stop giving funds of my beloved network. Thank you

Well I just called and left a message for Cantwell, Murray, and Inslee to take up the fight to save PBS funding. If you haven't already done so please consider calling as soon as possible to voice your support. And as to the person who suggested that PBS become a commercial sponsored only needs to look at what commercial TV has spawned to understand why that is not a viable solution. I believe PBS is one of the few sources that provides thoughtful programming that provokes individual to think and consider all aspects of the world around them. Can our Guest friend who doubts the value of PBS say that about the excess of degrading reality shows that Commercial broadcasting has generate? Let's not throw out the baby with the bath water in our zeal to save money. It took several years for the Budget crisis to come about we are not going to solve this my gutting worth while causes. As all I know that we need to be realistic about trimming the Federal budget, but hope that the cuts make sense and not just support a political agenda at the expense of worth while and needed government programs.

In Canada, our media cannot help but be preoccupied with U.S. news and views. The picture is not always reassuring. PBS and PR, however, give us the other America -- thoughtful, questing, cultured, concerned. With so much U.S. commercial programming being little more than pablum, the question is not whether you can afford to fund PBS and PR but whether you can afford not to.

Yeah, the economy is in the shitter and you think televison is a 'luxury'... but I urge you to look closely at the benefit public programming provides its viewers and indirectly, those who are not its viewers. This broadcast INFORMS its viewers, YOUR constituents - and makes for a more compassionate and understanding community in doing so. I would also add that cable $$$ is on the rise and has most definitely become a 'luxury' many can no longer afford, if they ever could. But public broadcast is affordable,entertaining and informative, especially for the folks who are stressed as hell about everything else happening in this world and can't rub two dimes together to do anything about it.

NPR and PBS complete me. PLEASE DON'T CUT THEIR FUNDING! This is a public good that we cannot do without, especially in these dire financial times. I know I can't afford cable right now!

I just sent an email message to:
Senators Patty Murphy, Maria Cantwell, Representative Jay Inslee.
Will also telephone each one tomorrow (2-18-11)

Only a portion of funding for Public Television comes from the Federal Government, but it’s a sad day when cable companies make so much money that they can afford to spend millions to slap their name on the side of a building, while ordinary hard working Americans who can barely afford to put food on their tables have to flip the bill for QAULITY television. We can not do it alone.

I'm a resident of British Columbia, Canada, so I'm not sure of the best way to express my vocal support for continued US funding to PBS. But I feel I should give it a try nevertheless.

I've been a PBS (in BC we call it KCTS 9) donor since early 1980s, and have been a loyal audience of the station ever since. I come to realise that the programs on KCTS 9 are not only just for pure instantaneous entertainment but offer much much much more than that. Many of its programe are motivational, uplifting, touching, and family oriented. Many of them bring tears to my eyes, sometimes tears of compassion (such as the late nite program "In the Boots" and many other programs on aging and health); other times tears of laughter (as when one watches comedies such as "As Times Go By" and/or "Keeping Up for Appearance"). It would be a HUGE HUGE tragedy if US Congress were to cut funding to PBS and kill off the airing of all these gem programs. US Congressman/woman, money is important BUT is not everything. If PBS is off the air, a part of the humanity will disappear. Is that what all of you, the elected officials of the people, are expected to do.

We all know US is facing an astronomical deficit and there're many "ingenious" ways being considered to haul in govt. revenue, such as charging certain types of travellers to US US$5.50/entry.
These "ingenious" ways are actually repulsive enough. But compared to the thought of cutting off funding to PBS, somehow they become less evil.

For the people; By the people; Of the people. Please take this to heart. Not From the people; Against (the wiehes of) the people; and (nix) Off (humanity in) the people. Please, PLEASE!!

Stephen LIU -British Columbia, Canada.

Well said ! I appreciate that were on the same team.

As Canadians we are not eligible to have our voice count. Nevertheless, we would like to state that it would be senseless for the American government not to support Public Broadcasting which presents a much more accurate and discriminating picture of America, the land, its people, its politics than many of the other US stations.

As Canadians we are not eligible to have our voice count, even though we are supporters of KCTS 9. However, we would like to say that it would be senseless for the American government not to support Public Broadcasting which presents a much more accurate and discriminating picture of America, the land, its people, its politics than many of the other US stations. Please don't overlook the importance of PBS for the country and abandon a true representative.

PBS TV and Radio stations give very useful information. My kids, wife and I enjoy PBS stations like KCTS9, NPR, etc., while driving to work and at home. My son enjoys programs like Cat in the Hat, Sid the Science Kid, Curious George, etc.

To do away with the only worthwhile television programming geared toward children and community is a tragedy.

Why is it with all the millions and billions being extracted from the masses by corporate interests that only the positive elements are removed from television?

I am appalled at what I see on regular TV. Even the news is just as violent as an R rated film. It is no wonder that our children are slowly becoming dumber and dumber over time because they are conditioned by everything around them and there are very few positive influences left.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Do Not Take Away Public Broadcasting !!!!

Mr. Liu hit the nail on the head ! We the people are Demanding that our ONE remaining unbiased, family friendly institution be left operational. Congress, you should be ashamed for even considering this! You were elected to work FOR THE PEOPLE, you were given your office BY THE PEOPLE, and you need to be held accountable for your actions as a representative OF THE PEOPLE. Kcts9 and cpb need to stay a part of our communities as they are the only "good" television left.

The US tax payer gives millions to Egypt, Billions to Israel and Billions to other foreign countries around the world. At home we subsidize the farmers, we have bailed out Wall Street and GM at the cost of over 700 billion. To cut or stop the small amount of funding to Public Radio and Television would be a gross act of self mutilation. PBS is about the last organization that shows the world we have a cultural facet and that the US is more than a hard capitalistic money crazy monster

My kids watch PBS every morning.... it would be such a SHAME to shut down a station that is so creative and fun for children.
I hope they are hearing all of these comments.....

Our family enjoys PBS content - yet there is some that is offensive and not balanced, showing both views of an issue - it appears to be more liberal leaning - so we will communicate to our elected officials to fund PBS but to do so in a manner that will hold PBS more accountable to a balanced, fair view of news, children's issues and our nation's heritage.

Please Shut down public radio and TV they serve no purpose other then to spew the views of public employees and maintain their own budgets. If they had real value they wouldn't need public financing and would stand on their own.

Thank you.

I agree with Stacey's posting on 2/24/11. She nailed it perfectly. PBS is the only station that we can actually have our children watch without having to worry that something VERY inappropriate is going to be said or shown. PBS channels have everything parents want their children to be seeing and hearing. It's teaching not only reading, spelling, science, and history, but also compassion, to believe in themselves, and to help others, all the morals that this country was born from that seem to have been forgotten. All the things they need to succeed in this world. So please do not stop the funding.

We currently have a major problem in this country due to the fact that a very large number of people are poorly educated and basically uninformed. This makes them prey to those who would fill their minds with nonsense, misinformation, and outright lies! This has had an enormous effect on our political system among other important things.
KCTS9 among all the PBS programming across this country is an education in itself, at least, it has been for me over the last 35 years. I just couldn't live without the mental stimulation and information that PBS provides. Thrre are no commerical TV programs that can compare. I donate as much as I can along with millions of others but, I could never afford to donate enough to keep it going without the help of public financing. We cannot afford to lose this valuable resource. SAVE PBS!

..part of which is due to the biased nature of anything political on PBS. They're misleading you right NOW into favoring one side. Do you realize that? They know gov funding is just a minor part of their funding. This is just a tool they're using because folks at PBS are far left for the most part and they're using this to manipulate your thinking. They're not being honest with you. They are campaigning for the Democrats right here right now.

This decision has international ramifications. PBS is the only station I let my son watch. It is the only place on American and Canadian television that I can trust that he will learn something and not be exposed to violent or obscene material.

I'd rather he learn to solve his problems by thinking and learning than kicking someone in the face. Pull some troops out of Iraq and keep funding going for KCTS and the other great PBS stations.

PBS and NPR present valuable, entertaining and informative programming. They are neither "progressive" or "conservative" but presents various political points of view. However, most of the programming doesn't deal with politics at all. If you want all of the populace to be dumbed down with reality shows on commercial TV then the nation will be the poorer for it. If we are to compete on a world wide basis then we need everyone, including Congress, to support these important public sources of education and entertainment. We cannot afford to have PBS and NPR dimnished.

Americans won't have what we really want until we have had enough of what we don't want!

Until we rid this country of the ignorant tea bag and hate speak types we will continue to deteriorate and are accelerating directly into another great depression.

The rich will be just fine but the rest of us will suffer greatly.
The country will most likely collapse and may never recover?

Please vote against H.R. 1. Public television is the only programming worth watching. We thoroughly enjoy watching Masterpiece Theater, Nature, Sid the Science Guy, KCTS Cooks, etc. Publice Television is one of the great advances of civilization. It would be a crime to eliminate the funding from Congress for it. Think of the beautiful operas we see on our local PBS station. PLEASE, PLEASE continue to fund public television. Thank you, thank you! March 1, 2011

Please do not CUT spending on PBS broadcasting!!!!!! I am outraged at the cuts already brought about to other areas of society, mostly to the poor! This broadcasting serves an important purpose! It is Informative, and factual, and unlike most cable channels is helpful to everyone who views it regardless of their *income* level.

Please DO NOT CUT PBS television. If you need to cut something, try cutting or re-instating the old taxes on the top level of income earners in the country, which would make it possible to still have funding for important programs such as public television, as well as other important funding such as heating help for the poor. What are you people thinking in WASHINGTON ?????? OR are you THINKING AT ALL????

My grandson is watching super why as i'm typing this.. He loves all the morning programs on PBS channel 22 here in Baltimore. Why would you want to take a channel away that educates young children. Lets our children learn about the world about the world around us,that they may never get to see. Watch these programs about the world and traveling so that when they start school they will have some kind of education.

PLEASE SAVE PBS!!! I live in Canada, and I grew up watching shows like Mr. Dressup and Sesame Street on PBS. My parents watched shows on PBS like Masterpiece Classic, in which I also tuned in. HOWEVER, now that I have my own son and he is watching these cartoons, I realize how much I love this station and I'll tell you why!
This station, unlike many other TV stations on the air nowadays, provides educational programs for our children to watch. Sesame Street teaches you MANY things, like letters, numbers, being nice to others, and I could go on and on. Shows like Super Why, Word World, and In Between The Lions teach kids about spelling, words and reading. Sid The Science Kid is all about science and Dinosaur Train teaches you all about Dinosaurs. There is one key element to all these programs . . . they TEACH!!!! As much as people may not like to admit it, television has become a large part of our lives, and if my son is going to sit in front of the TV and watch anything I would prefer it to be educational!!! Some of these other cartoons on TV just make me want to bash my head into a wall sometimes because they don't encourage children to use their minds.
THIS IS NOT RIGHT! Too many things in life nowadays DO NOT encourage us to engage our minds. Hence common sense and thinking "what comes next" has gone out the window. I was taught these values by my father and my mother, and my husband and I will pass that knowledge on to our son, but it would be nice if he were subjected to this thinking in more areas of his life than at home!!!


I urge you to strongly support the continuation of, and public funding for, both National Public Radio and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. DO NOT let them be shut down. They offer SO much that can not be obtained elsewhere! Public broadcasting, for example, offers a variety of unique television to a diverse audience. We need this support for intelligent, educational programs.
You owe this to the people... Cutting funding to PBS would complete the dumbing down of America. Please, don't let it happen.

watching NOVA special about the Japanese 03/11/2011 earthquake. Great information always. This is the best most accurate and real information on television today. Television is such a major influence on people that the quality of this information becomes paramount. Please let's preserve the quality of television information for the betterment of humanity today and in the future.
Thank you.

Public broadcasting on TV and radio BOTH must be preserved and
funded publicly! I have cable TV and there are about 60 channels
to choose from, and lucky to find one or two shows worth watching...

About 75% of the time, I'm choosing KCTS or KBTC, our local public
stations and find the shows more entertaining, more factual and less
"fakey" than all these staged "reality" shows, which are a trend
I still keep hoping will "move along"... Hasn't happened yet, but I
have public TV and radio, which are God-sends.

Please keep America from becoming a "dumbed-down" lowest common
denominator society- public TV and radio are a BIG part of that,
and that's why they're so worth funding!

Thank you!

It would be downright shameful for Congress to deny funding for PBS, one of the very few channels that provide wholesome programs for both kids and adults. Commercial channels are so heavy on sexual and other forms of violence and other worthless stuff calling it "entertainment". Small wonder then that American kids are losing ground in science, math and engineering to those in so-called developing countries. Please, please, please support PBS and bring back our country to the number one place in the world which it has held for so long.

What was "The Choice 2012", then? Payback to Romney for threatening tax payer funding? You've completely misrepresented Obama's background and the make-up of who he is. You've done no even-handed investigation of the man, only bought his campaign's MADE-UP STORY of who he is, and given one chosen slice of who Romney is - one that might make some nervous if they are left with that main impression of him. Cheap, biased journalism. Why should I pay ONE CENT for that?

OH, please STOP with the "SAVE PBS!" Gov funding is a very very minor part. The fact that you aren't making that clear is politically biased and is all the more reason why it should be de-funded now!!!


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