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Protect My Public Media is a grassroots collaboration of local public radio and television stations, national distributors, producers, viewers, listeners and others who support a strong public media system in the United States. The goal of the campaign is to activate audiences to support federal funding for public media by taking a stand for the local stations and programs they love.

We hope you’ll take action to support KCTS 9 and other public broadcasting stations in the Pacific Northwest and across the country.

Did You Know?

Public media stations are independent, locally owned and operated, and are a vital source of regional news and information for the communities they serve. These stations receive annual grants directly from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) that make up an important part of the mix of revenue supporting their work, which also includes individual viewer contributions, corporate sponsorship support and other grants.

Public media funding is a small part of the federal budget — about one hundredth of one percent of the federal budget, or approximately $1.35 per American citizen per year. Getting rid of this funding would have no impact on the nation’s debt. It would only hurt the local stations you watch and listen to everyday. And this funding is irreplaceable. It allows your radio and TV stations to give you the best educational, news and music programming that you can’t find anywhere else.

Here are ways for you to stand up for the local programs and stations you love through Protect My Public Media:

  • Sign up as an official supporter at, where you can learn more about legislation and budgets affecting our local stations.
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  • Send a letter to your elected officials, urging them to support funding for public media.


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We urge you to strongly support the continuation of, and public funding for, both National Public Radio and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. DO NOT let the right wing shut them down.

For interests into television and public information on the funding for to continue this just has importance on serious levels!
I'd guess that everyone can lose daily BBCnews+ hour news and shows daily of information and towards national stations and only some cable stations; C.N.N.+ FOX + MSNNBC shows,...

Please don't cut off funds for public television. It is the only television viewing worth watching anymore. I don't know what we would do without public television.

If it is so good, please tell me why it needs public funding. If you like their programming encourage advertisers to support them and send your donations to them, but don't ask the taxpayers who do not agree with their left wing biased reporting to pay up.

Perhaps you should ask James Gray, a conservative who supports public broadcasting, why he feels the way he does.

Have you actually ever listened to a discussion or is your mind made up, before you hear all sides? It seems that your statement is sort of a "don't try and convince me with facts" statement. When I listen I find both liberal and conservative views well expressed.

One side clearly doesnt want it. THEN? And we are suppose to acknowledge that? That is what is being stated when someone says listen to both sides when it is expressed well. That statement doesnt make sense even. The question should be what is the real reason behind cutting public funding for public television. KEEPING THE PUBLIC STUPID AN NOT INFORMED!

Are you serious?

This guest is an example of someone who has had no exposure to the public platform of reporting and assumes that it is left wing. Radical talk has demonstrated itself to those who have less and very biased information.

While advising that "advertisers support" is the cure-all for better broadcasting, I am convinced that "guest" has not even tried to learn what is actually and honestly going on with our worlds educational, political and cultural implications. In depth coverage which happens with public coverage is not possible with the sensational one to two minute sound bites which govern the broadcasting for profit arena.

Our nation and the world needs the balance afforded by public television and radio. I shall remain a contributor to both as small as it is. One dollar eighty cents per person from our government is small change compared with billions corporatations receive from this same government.

I am curious what programming you feel has a 'left winged' bias? 'Sesame Street', 'Sid the Science Kid', or maybe 'Clifford the Red Dog'? Or maybe the concerts that offer a variety music and performances? Public broadcasting offers a variety of television to a diverse audience. It does run on donations from its viewers, but it also needs federal assistance to operate especially in these economic times. Public broadcasting is like a library that offers access to everyone who is seeking information and expanding their knowledge. I believe it is more than worthy or our tax dollars and should not be put on the chopping block to try and make a politcal statement. None of these cuts would need to be considered if we did two things: 1) allow the Bush tax cuts to the wealthiest top 2% to expire and go back to the way they were, which is not a tax increase. And 2) close corporate tax loopholes and actually have the corporations pay their share of tax. When Exxon can pay less in taxes than a person who makes $40,000 a year, there is something VERY wrong with our tax system!

I agree. Most of what else that is available on TV is pretty much trash and not in the best interest for the growth of our awesome

Public Television is supported mainly by those who watch.. The small financial commitment which the government makes with our tax dollars is an important proof that our government is for the people. Otherwise, we just get too much corporate sponsored mindless entertainment.
We need this support for intelligent , educational programs.
You owe this to the people... especially in the light of all the mismanaged and wasted money that the government is responsible for in the last few years.. Do something good and enlightening.Strengthen our tarnished Karma!!!

First off, let it be known that I'm a conservative and registerd Republican. Second, I regularly watch PBS NewsHour and many other programs featured on PBS including; Frontline, Nova, Doc Martin, Mystery, Masterpiece Theater, etc., etc. With few exceptions, without PBS there will be nothing left on television but a complete and total cultural wasteland. Cutting funding to PBS would complete the dumbing down of America's public square. PBS is the only television for thinking people, including conservatives as myself.

James Gray

Mr. Gray - It is indeed refreshing to hear a registered Republican make a positive statement about PBS [and likely NP]. I can't help wonder how your feel about Mr. Murdoch's Fox News, the "fair and balanced" news organization that is, in reality, little more than a shill for the GOP and the crazy Tea drinkers. My wife has been a registered Republican for most of her adult life until McCain and his party picked the ditzy broad from AK as a running mate in the presidential election. We have promised each other that for better or for worse, we would relocate permanently to Europe or Scandinavia if Ms. Pallin lands in the white house. That would confirm for us that our elected officials at all levels are owned and operated by very greedy corporate moguls and the very wealthy [think the brothers Koch] ...... the decisions made are not of, by and for the people, rather the laws and decisions and deals are made to go "where the money comes from"....... Of course, it took the bought and paid for supreme court justices to put the final nail in the coffin when the told that corporations and institutions are now "persons" who can lay the money a deep as they want for any special purpose or to keep the crooked
bastards they support in their political wonderland. Sad as I watch so many lazy Americans getting dumbed down. bruce howard I am at if you car to reply. thanks, b

Mr. Howard,
Saving PBS has Nothing to do with Sarah Palin so why keep beating a dead horse?? Let's just save the station!

The public broadcasting system, both PBS and NPR are strongly supported by individual contributions for the simple reason that they are seen as valuable sources of news and information. Reducing funding to these organizations is not only not responsive to public demand, but also poor public policy. PBS and NPR are voices responsive to the wants and needs of their audience without undue commercial influence or editorial restraint.

We strongly support continued federal funding not only at current levels but encourage increased support.

For more that twenty years these two organizations have been our major sources or news and information and we contribute regularly as members and will continue to do so.

Larry & Petra McDowell
Port Townsend, WA 98368

Without an informed citizenry our democracy is doomed.
Please support public funding of PBS and NPR.
Thank you.
John Winskill

Please keep supporting PBS and NPR! I do sent them yearly contributions but federal dollars are necessary to keep the programs on. I have already noticed that the network is running series and shows from many years ago, I suppose they cannot afford any new and recent shows any more!

Most of TV is a vast wasteland that caters to the lowest levels of intelligence--PBS has high-quality, intelligent programs that provoke your thought processes instead of lulling your brain into a daze.

PLEASE SUPPORT PBS AND NPR! Their news analyses and programs are essential to those of us who like to see issues from different perspectives and their nature, science and Masterpiece programs are examples of high quality, informative presentations that many of us enjoy and would be very sad indeed to lose. If we want to be a well-informed, thoughtful and compassionate nation, then it is television like this that helps to raise the bar on commercial-ridden programming. Isn't this the way we want to raise our children and grandchildren?

PBS and KCTS is truly the only worthwhile television on air today. It makes me think, lets me explore and educates and entertains me.
Please, please support PBS and KCTS. This type of programming is invaluable to our society. I am so thankful that we are able to receive these programs in B.C. I support them financially and I sincerely hope you continue to provide funding.

Thank you
Sharon Upton

Don't forget that one of the important results of our having PBS available to Canadian viewers is that it helps Canadians and Americans understand each other better. We are, after all, said to be allies. It's great to know more about our allies and not just accept that relationship on faith.

Please let us Canadian know who in the system we can/should contact and provide contact information that won't cost us a bazillion dollars to phone.

PBS and NPR provide so many excellent and worthwhile programs for us. Please ensure that they can continue to do so. DO NOT cut funding!

NPR and PBS are voices in the Wilderness of violence, bigotry, etc. and even lies that are offered on some network channels and many cable stations. We need to support KCTS, KBTC and other local public TV stations in order to have access to different kinds of programs not offered anywhere else. I have access to hundreds of stations on satellite and generally find the public stations the only ones I care to watch, so I support KCTS with my money every year.

As a Canadian I have come to appreciate and support public television for many years now. What a sad time it is when the American government feels that it is necessary for them to cut educational, thought provoking television. If it wasn't for public television, Canadians wouldn't have channels like the Knowledge Network and AccessTV, APTN, and of course our venerable CBC. I wish I could do more as a Canadian in helping my American neighbours get the quality television that I am so lucky to have. I guess all I can really do is to continue sending in my donations once a year. (I may move this up to 2 or 3 times a year now.) Right now isn't the time to cut public television and radio funding. If you want to strive for excellence in our world, then you need public television to help along the way. Good luck neighbours to the south. I'll be watching and waiting and hoping and praying, that your government sees that the arts, and public television don't go by the wayside.

I completely agree with you and am from Canada as well. this station and the other stations affected by this decision is so very sad. I am not able to afford to give but absolutely love the station. My daughter and I watch KCTS9 every day! The government always talks about how important our children "the future" are, well how important are they when you cut this wonderful!! creative learning centre? How can the American government bail out all the dispicable places and not fund these programs! they don't even pay the shot! Why don't they take a real look at themselves and cut their own pay because the so called government is not doing their job in protecting our future of CHOICE! I have watched other channels and they are AWFUL SMUT! cut those programs! Don't cut honest hard working stations that rely mostly on donations! how can the government live with this decision? don't any of them have children? or have taste? My 21 month old daughter LOVES Super Why and is learning the alphabet already! I'm shocked my efforts to try and teach her in my own way isn't working as good as that station!? How can you deny our children this healthy! Loving! and Respectful! programming! Just keep the funding make cuts somewhere else! Tax larger companies and their CEO's people don't need to own their own planes and make millions of dollars a year! I make $25000.00 a year and make it work! don't penalize those who don't deserve it! My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Please don't eliminate this channel---is so important for the kids this days to have a place to watch television that is good for them. Cartoons on other channels are so offensive and teach kids to be bad instead of teaching them to be good citizens.

As a parent of two young children, I can say with conviction that the idea of Public Television is as original and paradigm shifting an idea as the founding of National Parks in this country. I am a scientist and my paycheck comes from the tax payer's dollars and even in my profession I can look hard and wonder if all the $$ is properly being utilized, but I won't have any hesitation to say that every cent to the $ is spent on the future of this great Nation, when it is spent for Public Television. Please preserve this legacy. It will be adding insult to injury to choke off this genuine fountain of service and knowledge while we still keep happily spending the borrowed money on the defence budget in the name of National security.

Thank you for your kind attention

PBS is very important to my life. This is my daily connection to fairly reported news. Educational Specials which inspire and teach. Music, drama and cultural specials that entertain my family. What a unique opportunity which can no way be matched by commercial T.V.
Come on, lets keep supporting an alternative to programming like
2 and 1/2 men.


I dont understand why they would get rid of a channel that is very popular around the world. My kids love this channel and I also grew up watching PBS. Its rediculous because they can spend all this money on crap we don need but the things we actually use everyday,they want to get rid of, probably just to save them some money. We all need to keep supporting this program, it benefits not only us but our kids. Whats a life without SESAME STREET??

I don't know what my toddlers will watch from 6am-11am. This is their TV time. KCTS9 is the only station I let them watch. They are still so young and have creative, clever little minds that need to be challenged by great shows such as "In Between the Lions" and "Curious George" and "Sesame Street" This is the only channel that provides the good old hearty shows that we all grew up with and enjoyed so much. I hope congress comes to its sense and realizes that there are only so many budget saving cuts that can be made before we start giving up the things that substantiate the traditions and trait that have created the people we are today. Arts can seems so phony bologna to some but has a great impact on many.

I whole heartly ageree, as I've just begun letting my toddler watch a little bit of telly each morning. The programs that PBS shows actually teach something educational in a fun way. He has learned more names of dinosaurs through "Dinosaur Train" than I ever did in school. "Super Why" gets him involed with learning letters and the beginnings of reading. I hear him shouting out the letters rather than being in a coma like state, gazing blanky at the tv. (Yes, I do read with him daily so this isn't a sub for his learning to read) And "Sid the Science Kid" where he learns to investigate and ask and contrast! My point is that the other stations for childrens programs are just a bunch of rubbish where they become transfixed and glued with barely a movement.

Please keep this programing alive!

Public broadcasting has brought so much joy and quality educational entertainment to our little girl, we would be devistated to lose it, and with another baby on the way we appriciate it more than ever!
Thank you!

My little 2 year old daughter is dinosaur crazy because of dinosaur train. I love having quality educational programs my little girl can watch to help engage her imagination. PBS has been an institution my whole life, and it is something I want my daughter to enjoy and learn from also. The message has not changed since Fred Rodgers made his impassioned plea to congress (a great video that is hard not to get misty eyed over) for this funding back in the 60's. Why take away such a good and positive thing?

My toddlers have learned an enormous amount of info from pbs kids programs!!

They are NOT allowed to watch teletoon or other commercialized un-eduational programs as

They do not learn anything, just what new toy they want me to buy :rollseyes:

Super readers sesame street dinosaur train are all fantastic and educational!

Please continue this tradition as i watched pbs as a child and excelled at

My reading and schooling !!

Please do not remove KCTS9 and PBS. These are the only channels I let my 1yr old son watch, because they are both educational and a joy to watch. It's such a shame that removing these educational channels is in discusion. There is so much talk about having education, so why are we trying to discontinue the first steps of education for our young Americans.

Please keep these programs on now and forever.

Ending funding for public television would be a very poor choice. Shows like Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street help teach kids and shows like History Detectives and Antiques Roadshow help teach adults things they might not know as well. To remove funding for these is akin to cutting funding for education. This is NOT something we should be doing.

For years I have had my kids watch public television trusting the appropriateness of what is there for them. Please DO NOT remove these stations. They have a place to enjoy the shows they love with out all of the sales media thrown at them encouraging a want for things they don't understand and don't need.

Hello, I’m calling to voice my support for public broadcasting, and to urge congress to support federal funding for public broadcasting. There are several bills pending in Congress that would eliminate this funding—which is used by local stations like KCTS 9, our local public TV station, to generate almost 10 times that amount—one of the best examples of public-private partnership around.

“I won’t let my kids watch anything else—with all the channels available, PBS is still the only safe haven for children without commercials, violence, objectionable content or inappropriate language. We need a channel that gets kids ready to learn, stimulates their imaginations, exposes them to the wonders of science and nature, and supports parents to support their children…”

Please continue to support television that is worth watching!

Debbie Kidd

Please fight to keep funding for PBS and other public radio stations. This is the only neutral medium for citizens to get good information in order to make good choices in our everyday lives and what is going on in our state and country.

I feel very strongly that we cannot abandon public radio and PBS for the sake of "deficit reduction". This is an integral part of our educational system and is one of the few intelligent broadcast choices still available today. This is the only outlet for the arts, for numerous educational shows and for highly entertaining drama of exceptional quality such as Masterpiece Theater, Poirot, Larkrise and Doc Martin. This would leave an enormous void in our media landscape, a void that would quickly be filled by more vacuous, unimaginative, mindless programming from the remainder.

As a resident of Calgary Alberta Canada, we urge you to continue support for public television.
We subscribe to both PBS stations available via our cable TV provider in our market, KCTS and KXLY. I grew up watching these networks and am pleased to have my daughter view the wonderful programming that only public television can provide.
It is so important to your citizens that access to public television and radio remains intact.
Although we are unable to show support at a polling station, we certainly have no problem supporting these networks with contributions. In today’s world of television and technology, I think it is safe to say that there has never before been so many great products to enhance viewing and listening to television.

Sadly, with all of this wonderful technology there has likely never been less to watch.

Sure there is lots of cable channels available showing "reality" TV - but the truth is, public broadcasting is really one of the last staples of consistent quality programming left for viewers on television.

It would be a great loss and truly a sad day if your country pulled funding for this truly unique public service.

As a single mother of three children public televition is that only televition my kids are able to see. please please don't take away the chanel that they enjoy waching. PBS is not just a channel "is helthy televition for every-one televition where you can sit down and wash with your family and noto worry about it contes.

It's been very upsetting to hear that such a valuable asset to our community could lose funding. Even with the wave of private support, it's not enough to keep up with producing the programs we all rely on and benefit from.

This is the type of programming I grew up with and I strongly encourage the next generation to step up and defend the only television that will support their future endeavors and positive outlook in life!

Here's a piece put together by friends at KCTS who allowed me to share my gift thanks to public television:

Please speak up, contact your state representatives and save our quality programing!

Thank you

The american values will be lost to end funding for public stations and I did not get all that I need on topics until too late on subjects!
These news shows only cover by their generalizations. On details into outlines for special progams about not to understand on ignorance schedules shows extras! Trillions in USAs debt add nothing for lack of knowledge,so save more for stations of known information.

I'd be lost without PBS and my local station, KCTS. As I'm not a gifted writer I don't know how to quite put it into words but I look forward to the programs that PBS televises. It's the only station really worth the air time.

For example, I just finished watching NOVA Science Now. Who knew head lice held so much knowledge for us as a species? Who knew all about memory and whether or not bad memories should be erased? This and more were covered tonight. It's thought provoking and informative and just plain fun. Please save PBS.

I'll call both of my Senators and my Congressman tomorrow.

Public television is a major springboard for my learning and research. Many programs are greatly inspiring and I find myself sharing the knowledge with my family weekly. I don't talk about the newest reality program or sitcom because they do not affect me. Many of the programs and subjects on KCTS inspire me to share their information, or look deeper to see if I can also use the information to better our family life and little world. We feel it is one of few stations safe for our children with too many others bombarding us with ads. On the other stations we find ourselves more frequently explaining why the commercial is misleading, manipulative or innapropriate rather than enjoying the program we've tuned into. I grew up with KCTS and would love to share that wonderful experience with my daughters too. Please continue funding this valuable resource and treat it as the great asset to the public that it is.

We're a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your site offered us with valuable info to work on. You have done a formidable job and our entire community will be grateful to you.

Please help us continue to support KCTS, PBS, BBC and NPR. They are such valuable programs for families of all ages and demographics. And especially for those , who in these leaner economic times, have had to forgo broadband and internet or sattelite fees. These programs have enriched the lives of many as well as myself, children and grandchildren

I usually send online messages to legislators, but I just went down the list calling every Representative and was pleasantly surprised that a live person answered within two rings at every office.

Please do NOT get rid of public television. It's the only kind that both my 1 year old daughter and I can both enjoy. It's educational (which is a lot more then most stations strive for) and fun to watch. Two-thumbs-up quality programing. I dont understand what they're thinking trying to get rid of it. You want to ban something ban shows like mucha-lucha which are nothing but vular and pointless violence, not ones that can help teach you.