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Reel NW

A realistic moment of Hitchcockian suspense when a sudden fall leaves a women broken and unable to get help.
Gyre: Creating Art From a Plastic Ocean
Journey along the remote Alaskan coast—in search of garbage.
the things we keep still
The Things We Keep
One man's yearly sojourn into the Coconino Forest to collect firewood and re-connect with his roots.
Julia's Farm
Julia finally gets a farm, but not exactly the one she has always dreamed of owning.
NFFTY 2016 48 Hr Film Off - University Prep
University Prep high school film students' entry for NFFTY 2016 48 Hr Film Off
From the Sky
A father and son try to cope with the effects of drone warfare in their region of the Middle East.
Shade of Music - REEL NW
Shade of Music
An unlikely friendship between two elderly neighbors reveals the healing power of kindness, love and music.