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Present Moment

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Present Moment

Available until March 31, 2017.

Witness a family's celebration of life as they negotiate the realities of Parkinson's Disease.

Still from 'Present Moment' by Aimie Vallat and Noah Dassel
Present Moment is a collaborative film project documenting a family negotiating the realities of a long-term, degenerative illness. The film is a celebration of living life well, despite whatever health challenges one might face. Our protagonist's wisdom, honesty and courage inspires the viewer while reminding them of their own innate resiliency.

by Gary Vallat

Words like birds
weave nests of straw and gossip
build bridges between what we remember
and what we do not know.

Words are the cloak
I wrap around myself
to hide the soft underbelly
of my doubt, my fear.

They are the chants
that ward off and seduce
welcome and reject
what does not make sense.

Oh words, long have I served you
long have you served me
until the message we compile together
goes beyond meaning
and we are free at last.

About the Filmmakers

Present Moment is the debut documentary short from filmmakers Aimie Vallat and Noah Dassel of Reel Witness. As professional storytellers, they’ve created advocacy films for Northwest nonprofits — from portraying global health projects to thriving communities to the refugee experience and more.

Aimie’s passion as a storyteller started with her background in Visual Anthropology, which evolved into 20 years of working as a social change agent in the nonprofit and documentary film sectors. Since 2006, Noah’s work both as a filmmaker and musician has focused on social justice, education and building healthy communities, both locally and abroad. They’re honored to share one man's story of resilience, grace and courage while living with Parkinson’s in their film Present Moment.



Interview with the directors: 

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a brilliant portrayal of how this man cuts straight to what is. Gentle, honest, loving and compassionate with no shortage of the grit it takes to meet each day. Aimie and Noah invite you into Gary's world hear his story with such care and beauty in the presentation. So enjoyed watching this!

Thank you for those wonderful comments about Gary and our film Present Moment. I appreciate the insight and support.

Kind, true, sweet. And touching. Thank you:)

Thank you Catarina for watching and sharing your thoughts about our film.

Gary expressed exactly how I feel about my Parkinson's--I refuse to let it affect my day-to-day life, even though it is with me all the time. Thank you for giving me a good present moment of my own.

Nell, thank you for sharing your own experience living with Parkinson's. I'm glad this film reflected the way you are also able to live in your life. My best to you.

How can I get a copy of Gary's beautiful poem about words? 

Hi Dorothy,Thank you for your inquiry about Gary's poem at the end of PRESENT MOMENT. The poem, "Words",  has now been uploaded to the KCTS9/REELNW website and you can find a copy there. Thanks again for reaching out. Warmly,Aimie