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Pearl dreams of leaving the tiny town and moving to the city. But at what cost?

Airs May 14, 2017 at 5:18 p.m.

Available for streaming from May 1, 2017 – April 30, 2019

Pearl has spent her entire life in her small, oyster-farming town. She is kindhearted and selfless, always doing for others. Secretly, she dreams of leaving the tiny town and moving to the city. Now that her mother has passed away, the timing is right. But at what cost? 

Still from 'Pearl' by director Amy Sedgwick.

Pearl won Best Short film in Madrid, Milan, Mexico, Nevada, best drama at Seattle Transmedia Film Festival and audience award at Seattle’s Post Alley Film Festival and The Columbia Gorge Film Festival. The Pearl cast and crew are also honored to be official selections at The Ellensburg Film Festival, Indego Alley Festival in Spain, Cineshift Film Festival in Anacortes and The Olympia Film Festival.

About the filmmaker

Pearl filmmaker Amy Sedgwick.

Amy Sedgwick is a Northwest native filmmaker. She is most know for her most recent film, Pearl, which has won numerous international awards. Her passion for filmmaking started early, but the flames were fanned into high gear after attending The Film School in Seattle in 2010. Amy is currently in pre-production on Halvsies, a short coming-of-age comedy.

Filmmaker’s statement

One thing I learned from my old man was that “everyone has a story.” As a tavern owner, he has heard them all. If you listen, you’ll uncover great stories.

One thing I learned from other filmmakers is that everyone has their own voice. I am in awe of so many filmmakers, but in the end I only have my way of telling a story — my voice — and I am grateful for it. Even more so, I am grateful for the talent of the cast and crew that bring these stories to life with their passion and dedication to their craft.