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Julia's Farm

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Julia's Farm

June 3, 2016

When Julia’s dream of buying her own farm falls apart after her boss mishandles her pension, she and her best friend Jenny devise a plan to recover the money. As their scheme gets complicated, Julia and Jenny find true friendship and happiness where they least expect it.

JULIA’S FARM was the official selection of Riverside International Film Festiival 2015, Hollyshorts Film Festival (L.A.) 2015, One Reel 2015, Local Sightings Film Festival 2015.

About the Filmmaker

Sudeshna Sen taught Classical Japanese literature and language at the University of Washington, University of Utah and at UC Berkeley as a Postdoctorate Fellow. She has a Ph.D in Classical Japanese from University of Oregon. She retired from teaching in 2012 so she could focus more on making films rather than analyzing them with her students.

Her short film JULIA’S FARM  (2015) had its world premiere at the 13th Riverside International Film Festival in April 2015, followed by screenings at Hollyshorts Film Festival in L.A. August 2015, One Reel at Bumbershoot September 2015 and Local Sightings September 2015.

Filmmaker’s Statement

I am fascinated by how women form friendships and nurture them. I find it fun and exciting to explore the complexities in the ebb and flow of female friendships, how and why women become friends, what is it that holds disparate personalities together. Is it possible for a twenty something college girl to be BFF with a sixty year old retiree? What do they talk about? What do women think about as they go through board meetings/PTAs/soccer driving/work related travel and all the movements of daily life? How do they look out for each other? How do they take each other for granted? And most important, how much are they willing to give up for the sake of their friend? My favorite films that I’d take to a deserted island: Thelma and Louise, Il Postino, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Rashomon and Vertigo. These are the top five but there’s many more! Alfred Hitchcock, Akira Kurosawa and Satyajit Ray are some of my favorite directors. I also like the Coen brothers and Deepa Mehta.