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Where have you gone $5 COVER: SEATTLE?

Where have you gone $5 COVER: SEATTLE?

Today I had intended to post a link to Lynn Shelton's Seattle music series $5 COVER (in keeping with the April 4th broadcast of music doc WELCOME TO DOE BAY). I watched this series when I moved to the city three years ago, and from the first episode, I could not stop buzzing with excitement. I was living in a city with all of these creative minds? And would have opportunities aplenty to see this sort of amazing music live?? It seemed too good to be true. (It's probably worth noting I grew up in a small town, so please pardon my disbelief.)

I am happy to say that Seattle has lived up to the hype created by $5 COVER. Sadly, the series is no longer as easily accessible as it once was. I have been searching the web for a working link, a place to purchase, or a place to rent $5 COVER: SEATTLE, but have come up short. Does anyone know where to find it? Aside from a few YouTube videos, I was only able to find this trailer:

$5 Cover: Seattle Trailer from MTVX on Vimeo.

Help please...if you know where to find the series (that doesn't involve bootlegging), please let us know in the comments below.

Thank you!

Emma Dively
Series Producer, Reel NW