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TAD Lives on - on YouTube

TAD Lives on - on YouTube

While the Seattle band TAD broke up in 1999, thanks to their music videos, the band lives on - on YouTube. Here are a few old gems you can find there:

The 1990 song "Wood Goblins" starts off with a sawing guitar, and the music video supplies the obvious visual, with Tad Doyle brandishing a chainsaw in the woods. Licking their knives, hungry for unsuspecting hikers, the band gamely plays the part of backwoods hicks dressed in – what else - flannel. But as the photographer Charles Peterson says in the Reel NW film “TAD: Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears” (online here), there wasn't anything further from the truth: “I had to show Tad how to start up the chainsaw.”

Seeing the video for 1991’s "Plague Years,” some Seattle people might feel pangs of nostalgia after seeing a flash of the old Kingdome at the 15-sec mark. Against the grittiness of the industrial setting, the lip-syncing of the song seems quaint. Tad is decked in flannel again.

There's no question that TAD had some musical chops, as the video for 1993's “Leafy Incline" shows. And also no question that the band had a talent for crazy as well – as Tad teeters atop a car hurtling through the Alaskan Way Viaduct. You can catch the entire jaw-dropping sequence in "TAD: Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears."