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A short film exploring the the ephemeral, purposefully forgotten aspects of our lives.

August 25, 2014

1922 was a project housed in a larger series called the memory (loss) bank, in which choreographer Shannon Stewart and director Adam Sekuler, explored the the ephemeral, overly documented, and purposefully forgotten aspects of our lives, neighborhoods and cities. Tasked with exploring the traces of each rooms inhabitants, dancers choreographed an exploration of the lived memory of each space.

About the filmmaker:

Adam Sekuler is a filmmaker whose work strikes a delicate balance between stylization and naturalism, anchored within an observational world while creating a poetic and lyrical form of visual storytelling. His films have been screened at festivals from Rotterdam to Portland, museums including the Walker Art Center, and art houses across the globe. While not making films he's also a curator, having programmed most recently for Northwest Film Forum.