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Note to Viewers: Redesign

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dear users,

You've probably noticed’s redesign. We’ve modified the site layout and main navigation, and added functionality to improve the accessibility of our online content. We believe it will be easier to navigate, and to explore the programs and educational content we publish online every day.

A major change from our former website is the inclusion of drop-down menus. With drop-down menus, you now have easy access to all the major content areas of our site. This change has also enabled us to allocate more space to featured content on our web pages.

When we were planning the redesign, one of our goals was to launch our new website before the November 18 premiere of Reel NW, a brand-new series from KCTS 9 that focuses on the very best of independent film from the Northwest. We’ve created an area on for Reel NW where you can enjoy select content through videos, slide shows, interactive maps and social media. Our first episode of Reel NW is Wheedles Groove, a feature documentary about Seattle’s soul and funk music scene of the 1960s and 1970s. I invite you to explore this area of the site and let us know what you think.

We will continue adding content to daily as well as improving the site’s functionality over time. Projects on our list for next year include redesigning our TV schedule page and improving our donation system.

I welcome your feedback about our new website. Feel free to contact me at or post your comments below.

Thank you for your interest in KCTS 9.


Julianne Lamsek
Technology Director
KCTS 9 Interactive


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Job well done, KCTS. a very clean "minimalist" website. Looking forward to the next phases of the redesign.

Greatest. Redesign. Ever.