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Skate Like a Girl

January 27, 2014

Inside a covered skate park in Wallingford, a group that has been winning contests, running skate camps for kids, and earning praise from skaters, has turned the phrase “skate like a girl” onto its pony-tailed head.

Skate Like A Girl’s Seattle Chapter Director, Kristen Ebeling, got her start with the organization when she was 17. 

“When I started skating in 2000, I kind of got made fun of a lot, and just sort of, you know, I was becoming a woman and that was really hard for me- I didn’t really have a lot of support,” Ebeling said. “There was a lot of times I didn’t want to go to the skate park… so I built a box and got a rail and started skating by myself in my garage. Kind of shortly after that, that’s when I met Skate Like A Girl. These awesome women mentors really came into my life through Skate Like A Girl and really supported me personally, and ever since I’ve been a part of the organization- I’ve been a part for about six years now- it really changed my life and I’ve seen it change the lives of other women.”

Skater at Skate Like A Girl's Ladies Night.

Summer Ladies Nights take place Mondays from 6-8 p.m. at All Together Skatepark, and Thursdays from 6-8 p.m. at Seattle Center Skate Park. No gear or no board? No worries! They’ve got everything you need to help get you started.

“I love ladies nights because, it’s the community,” said Skate Like A Girl member Jessica Aldous. “When I first came, you know, I just was a little timid but every girl was really encouraging and they would jump on the ramps and be like ‘Come on!’ … lots of high fives and being excited for everybody as they push, no matter what level they’re at. That’s my favorite part.”

Jessica Aldous learns a new trick.

If you or somebody in your life wants to skate like a girl, the best place to start is


Stacey Jenkins

Stacey Jenkins is the managing producer of Spark Public. She is an Emmy-award winning producer who is passionate about pushing the boundaries of digital media and training the next generation of multimedia journalists. Stacey has been a Digital Content Producer at KCTS 9 for the past four years; her stories have been showcased locally on IN Close as well as nationally on SciTech Now and the PBS NewsHour's Art Beat. Stacey’s experience also includes working as a senior producer for KPTS, as an assistant media instructor and producer for Portland Community College and a TV news reporter for the CBC in Canada.

Fun Fact: Stacey’s guilty pleasures include over-the-top Halloween decor, eating sweetened condensed milk straight from the can and Maroon 5’s “Sugar” video.

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