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The Millennial Vote: Seattleites Weigh In

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The Millennial Vote: Seattleites Weigh In

Seattle millennials share their thoughts on the 2016 presidential election.

October 4, 2016

Graph courtesy of Pew Research Center. According to U.S. census data, about 69 million millennials (ages 18–34) will be eligible to vote this year, roughly equal to the number of voting baby boomers (ages 52–70). Boomers have historically dominated the electorate, but this year both generations are tied with each taking approximately 30 percent of the voting pool.

However, the number of eligible voters does not directly reflect the number of people actually voting. In the 2012 presidential election, almost half (46 percent) of eligible millennials nationwide voted. Recent surveys indicate that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are struggling to connect with young voters, with national polls of under-30 voters showing Clinton earning about 41 percent of support and Trump amassing 20 percent.

In contrast, Obama garnered at least 60 percent of the under-age-30 votes in 2012, according to surveys.

With this in mind, What’s Good 206 reporter Paris Nguyen took to the streets and campuses of Seattle to find out what local millennials have to say about the upcoming election.


Paris Nguyen

Paris Nguyen is Spark Public's entertainment writer/reporter. He is a writer and journalist who specializes in entertainment news. He graduated from the University of Washington in 2013, majoring in psychology and cinema studies. With a passion for all things film-related, Paris spends the majority of his free time exploring the expansive world of cinema. When not munching on popcorn in a dark theater, Paris enjoys cycling, rock climbing and feebly tossing a frisbee in the general direction of other humans. Paris grew up in Issaquah, Wash., where he developed a deep fondness for hiking and pronouncing the name of his hometown incorrectly.

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Interesting to see what the younger folks are thinking, and that they are thinking. I was clueless that mellennials  numbers are almost that of us boomers. Who knew there would be similar thoughts with such an age gap. Thanks for the story Paris, I enjoy your pieces.