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Yes, I’m Gay and a Christian

“The most loyal thing in my life is God’s love.”

February 7, 2017

Greg Garrison usually enjoyed going to church when he was young. He enjoyed being part of a church community and considered his faith in God a big part of his life — he even took notes during the Sunday messages.

“My grandparents didn’t make church mandatory… I made the choice to go to church because it felt good,” says Greg.

But there was always one thing that prevented him from truly being himself: his sexuality.

Greg knew he was gay from a young age, that wasn’t something his church approved of. So he hid it.

“I didn’t talk about it with anybody — not one person,” says Greg.

After multiple attempts at finding a more welcoming church community, Greg eventually gave up and stopped going to church all together.

“I was being told how to think, I was being told that being gay was wrong. I was being told that marriage equality is wrong.”

After moving to Seattle two years ago, one of Greg’s gay friends asked if they could try out a church together. Compelled by the fact that one of his gay friends was inviting him to church, Greg decided to give church another chance.

The most loyal thing in my life is God’s love.

“Over my life, as I’ve listened to the messages and the services and them telling me that being gay is a sin, I’ve had to ask that question myself: Is being gay a sin and am I sinning?”

Learn how an inclusive church community helped Greg rekindle his faith.


Jen Germain

Jen Germain is a producer with Spark Public. Jen is a graduate of the Film and Video Program at (the former) Seattle Central Community College, as well as a graduate of the Communications Program at Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs, CO. She completed an internship with Filmateria Studios and worked as a videographer with Pixel Dust Weddings before commencing working as a freelance production crew member and producer.

Fun fact: Her favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls, and she binge-watches the entire series at least twice a year.

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Jen, you did so great putting up this video together and Gregg what you shared was so touchable. Wishing you the best, guys.Sol.

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