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Game Changers: Meet Maddie Foutch

Conversations with local millennials who are raising the bar for political engagement.

October 11, 2016

All millennials are lazy, entitled, selfish brats. Right? WRONG! This week, What’s Good 206 is showcasing local millennials who are paving the way for political change in Washington State. In the midst of a presidential election with levels of drama that rival reality television, our local millennials remind us that change begins in our own backyard. What’s Good 206 Producer Jen Germain talked with three political activists who prove that millennials aren’t just the future leaders of our country, but are already helping to lead it.

Maddie Foutch is the campaign manager for Tina Podlodowski, a Washington Secretary of State candidate and Democrat. Maddie has a background in environmental studies and worked as a field organizer for the Washington Environmental Council, as well as a political organization called Washington Conservation Voters. In Episode two of Game Changers we hear from Maddie about the importance of addressing climate change, why millennials are not voting, and how we, as a generation, can begin to show up for the political issues that matter to us. 



Jen Germain

Jen Germain is a media producer with the Creative Services team at Cascade Public Media, helping to drive brand and programming initiatives. Previously, Jen worked as a producer with Spark Public, where she helped lead digital strategy and mentor a team of millennial multimedia journalists. Find her on Twitter @jengermain. 

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