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What I Hear When You Say

What I Hear When You Say is a video series that explores how words can both unite and divide us depending on our own perspective, experience, and interpretation. Each episode covers a different phrase or term that challenges what we think we know about race, class, gender, and identity.


Season 1
Episode 10
Take a closer look at the words used to describe LGBTQA communities through storytelling...
Season 1
Episode 9
Explore the challenges, the benefits and consequences of Gentrification from 3 unique...
Season 1
Episode 8
Examine the current function and long history of American’s use of “code words.” Artist...
Season 1
Episode 7
Journalist Soledad O’Brien, comedian Kate Rigg and professor Ann Morning have all been...
Season 1
Episode 6
What does it mean to be a “feminist?” Explore different interpretations of feminism, and...
Season 1
Episode 5
What does it mean to appreciate vs. appropriate culture? Explore this question from...
Season 1
Episode 4
Explore the assumptions and misgivings of pejorative phrases like “Welfare queen” from...
Season 1
Episode 3
What do you hear when someone says... “white pride?” What about “Black Pride” or “Gay...
Season 1
Episode 2
Explore the use of this term “Model Minority” to describe Asian American communities from...
Season 1
Episode 1
What exactly does it mean to play a “race card?” Professor Derald Wing Sue, Comedian...


Explore how words can both unite and divide based on our own perspective and experiences.