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The War: Stories From The Northwest: WWII

The War: Stories from the Northwest: WWII showcases first-hand accounts from Pacific Northwest veterans and civilians sharing their personal WWII memories.


Season 1
Episode 118
When America went to war, men joined the effort as soldiers leaving necessary jobs at...
Season 1
Episode 117
Shiro Kashino joined the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, along with many other Japanese...
Season 1
Episode 116
Fausto Cruz shares his adventures on the U.S.S. Colorado battleship during World War II....
Season 1
Episode 115
Victory Square was a civic focal point for Seattle's World War II homefront. Located on...
Season 1
Episode 114
Jose Calugas Jr. talks about his father's bravery during World War II. Jose Calugas Sr....
Season 1
Episode 113
After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor there was a general fear up and down the west...
Season 1
Episode 112
Robert Hadeen talks about delivering war telegrams during World War II and how American...
Season 1
Episode 111
Howe Lee of the Chinese Canadian Military Museum Society discusses how Chinese Canadian...
Season 1
Episode 110
Thousands of Canadian soldiers brought home British war brides after World War II. The...
Season 1
Episode 109
Royal Canadian Air Force veteran Bob Porter discusses his experiences during World War II...
Season 1
Episode 108
Army aerial photographer Lee Embree witnesses the start of World War II before America...
Season 1
Episode 106
U.S. Marine Corps Veteran John Des Jarlais talks about surviving four dangerous first...
Season 1
Episode 105
Established in 1943 as part of the Manhattan Project in the town of Hanford in south-...
Season 1
Episode 104
Larry Story talks about his experience as a member of the brigade during World War II....
Season 1
Episode 103
After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, about 100,000 Japanese Americans were forced to...
Season 1
Episode 102
After combating discrimination and dangerous missions in World War II, women were finally...


The War: Stories from the Northwest: WWII showcases first-hand accounts from the NW.