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Voters’ Voices: Reactions to the U.S. Presidential Election Results

The results are cause for shock and concern for many.

November 16, 2016

As Donald Trump prepares his transition team in anticipation of taking office as the 45th President of the United States, voters across the country have had conflicting and highly charged reactions to the election results. Trump voters are rejoicing in their candidate’s victory as Clinton supporters try to come to terms with election result that they clearly did not expect.  Anti-Trump and pro-diversity protests have been taking place across the country.

To understand the varying public opinions, we went out and spoke to people about their reactions to the election results, their concerns, the issues that they want the Trump administration to prioritize, and their hope for national unity after a highly divisive election. 


Laila Kazmi

@Lailakaz — Laila Kazmi is a Northwest Emmy award-winning senior producer and writer at KCTS 9. Her first love is discovering and telling stories of diverse people, places and history. She has lived in Karachi, Bahrain, Chicago, and Seattle. At KCTS 9, Laila produces the series Borders & Heritage, featuring stories of immigrant and refugee experiences in the Pacific Northwest and has produced Reel NW, featuring independent films from and about the Pacific Northwest. Her video-stories have appeared on KCTS 9PBS NewsHour Art Beat, World Channel at WGBH, and KPBS in San Diego. Her articles have been published in PBS NewsHour Art BeatThe Seattle Times, Seattle PI, COLORLINES and Pakistan’s daily Dawn. Laila has a Master of Communication from the University of Washington.

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Dear Laila Kazmi,Your "story",  normalizing the election of Donald Trump, is truly terrifying.    The president-elect is clearly a narcissistic psychopath  who does not understand the 1st amendment when he  attacks the mainstream media in a secret meeting, SNL, and the Hamilton Theater. He has filled his cabinet with lobbyist, plutocrats,  and racists.  Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Robert Reich, Ralph Nader, Noam Chomsky, to name a few leaders, are also terrified.    And if we normalize Trump's facist behavior and do not fight back immediately, we are in peril of losing the little democracy we have left.  Sincerly,Patricia Howitz

It is troubling to me that the people who are opposed to Trump continue to see his supporters as "angry white people" or "ignorant." We have had years of liberal policies from those who claim to support the middle class, poor and oppressed Americans but the reality is their policies have not improved the quality of life for the very people they proclaim to support. The facts are inconvenient but irrefutable for those who have an open mind. Unfortunately the left are the real closed minded, prejudiced and uninformed.Obama has made race relations worse not better. His health care program is a disaster. Fewer people are working in this country than at any time in the last 50 years. More people are on food stamps and welfare.They need to wake up and open their minds to the reality of failure by the progressives.