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Behind the Scenes of ‘The Choice 2016’: A Conversation With Michael Kirk

The producer shares his experience of digging into Clinton and Trump’s personal histories and what he thinks is most unique about this election.

September 23, 2016

Producer Stephen Hegg, himself a student of presidential elections, virtually interviews Michael Kirk, award-winning producer/director of Frontline: The Choice 2016, airing Tues., Sept. 27 at 9:00 p.m. on KCTS 9. Kirk has written and produced The Choice prior to every presidential election since 1988.  Hegg and Kirk talk about the searing opening moments of the film, what surprised Kirk about both Clinton and Trump in digging deep into their personal histories, and what is most unique about this election. 


Stephen Hegg

Stephen is a 25-year veteran of KCTS, producing a wide range of cultural and public affairs series, documentaries and arts programming.  His credits include PIE, Something in the Water  (PBS feature on Seattle’s indie music scene), the gala opening of Benaroya Hall, and documentaries on Asahel and Edward Curtis, Dan Sullivan and Doris Chase.  Seattle-born, Hegg is a graduate of Whitworth University and is also an accomplished violinist and avid cyclist.

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My comments are those of an Australian  The Choice 2016 screened in Australia tonight.  Whether by accident or intention depiction of the candidates differed markedly. Hilary Clinton was portrayed throughout in a "sympathetic" light.  Aspects of her life that have attracted intense criticism were glossed over and her resilience in moving forward emphasised.If it were a B-grade thriller, Donsld Trump fitted perfectly, albeit somewhat too obviously, into the role of villain.  From "the killer" of boyhood to the aggressive showman of today Trump's rise (amid falls) was entirely predictable, without any attempt to reveal any aspect of humanity in the man ... perhaps he has none.As a chronological record of the candifates' lives the documentary was useful.  As a probe into the minds of  the contenders vying for the most powerful office in the world, it failed.