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Voices From Inauguration Day Protests

January 21, 2017

People took to the streets throughout the country to protest the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Protests in Washington, D.C. turned violent and more than 200 people were arrested. Seattle was not without its own protests, but they remained peaceful.

Hear from those who participated in these protests and what they hope will blossom from this act of civil defiance.


David Kroman

David Kroman is the city reporter for A Bainbridge Island native, David has also worked as a teacher, winery cellar hand, shellfish farmer and program director of a small non-profit. His Twitter is @KromanDavid and his email is

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Matt Mills McKnight

Matt Mills McKnight is a visual storyteller and journalist who covers a variety of political, social and environmental issues in the Pacific Northwest. He enjoys finding stories in his own South Seattle neighborhood, as well as researching projects throughout the rest of the city and region that he believes will inspire thought and discussion among viewers. Matt joined the KCTS 9 team in December, 2016. Previously he was a photo editor at MSN News and a freelance photojournalist covering many of the region's major news stories for a variety of news organizations.

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