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The Victory Garden

The Victory Garden’s Edible Feast is a re-launch of the classic PBS series combined with the deep local knowledge of Edible Magazines. From Minnesota to Memphis, New York to New Orleans, we'll learn about everything from crab trapping and grass fed dairy to fermentation and rooftop farms. In each episode you'll experience stories, gardening tips and recipes from America's food heroes.


Season 32
Episode 5
Explore a private garden in Beverly Hills with host Jamie Durie and see some fantastic...
Season 32
Episode 4
Find the best climbing plants with garden correspondent Paul Epsom; create a vertical...
Season 32
Episode 3
Explore an incredible collection of cycads in Los Angeles with host Jamie Durie; watch...
Season 32
Episode 2
Explore the Water Conservation Garden and learn about xeriscaping -- water-wise gardening...
Season 32
Episode 1
Plant your own water-wise garden with tips from host Jamie Durie; learn to create a dry-...


From the garden to the kitchen, get the latest tips, solutions and recipes on going green.