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University of Washington Students Share Their Thoughts on Black History Month

What does Black History Month mean to you?

February 7, 2017

February is Black History Month, when the important people and events in the history of the African diaspora are remembered. We spoke with students at the University of Washington about what Black history means to them.

We asked students to fill in the statement:

My name is_______. To me, Black History Month means__________. 

Here are their responses. 


Anran Lin

Anran Lin is a marketing and communications intern for KCTS 9. She is a junior at the University of Washington studying journalism and entrepreneurship. A Chinese native who grew up in Greece, Anran speaks three languages — Chinese Mandarin, English and Greek. She has a passion for broadcast journalism, food, travel and acting. Visit her website at and her Instagram at anranlin.

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There has come to be an unintended disengenuity in this Black History Month.  It is become akward.   When established, a teacher of US history at any age level might note the occasion and make a change in subject mattter so as to inlude black stuff.  What is a teacher of history really supposed to do in 2017 in any US classroom/lectuyre hall/seminar series on Feb1st that is any different from Jan31st or March 1st? At some point cities and towns throughout the world have changed traffic laws in adaptation to the automobile.  What can any one in acadamia do now today in genuine furtherance or in genuine respect of Black History month that has any real difference from every day of the year? To come to the point, what is the several member faculty of the Black Studies Department at every US University supposed to be doing the rest of the year and are PhD fellows in Black Studies taking the rest of the year off? When Catholicism/Christianity came to ancient Rome from the middle East, there may have then been use for one calendar day per annum in celebrartion of this novel thing.  Would an annual "Catholic Day" really be of any good at the Vatican today?