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Top KCTS 9 Stories of 2017

December 27, 2017

Canada vs. America : My Personal Story

KCTS 9 producer Stacey Jenkins explores similarities and differences between life in Canada and US.

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Arts Make Smarts: One Educator’s Mission to Teach Students to Think Like an Artist

As Director of Arts Education and Curriculum Integration for Bethel School District, a position held since the fall of 2002, Michael Sandner works closely with classroom teachers and arts specialists to ensure the integration of the arts into all aspects of learning.

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Come Back to Give Back

Third grade teacher Jose Corona came from an immigrant family from Mexico. He understands where his students come from because, "I am one of them."

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The Uwajimaya Story: Overcoming Internment and Building an Iconic Family Business

When Fujimatsu Moriguchi arrived in Tacoma in the 1920s, he had no idea that he would soon be starting what would become one of the leading family-owned retail chains in the Northwest — Uwajimaya.

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The Birthplace of Seattle Karaoke Is Closing Its Doors

Open since 1953, one of Seattle’s oldest watering holes will soon close.

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