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Top 5 <em>What’s Good 206</em> Stories of 2016

December 27, 2016

WG 206 producers really love their job. I mean, when you get to camp with medieval knights, attempt to do yoga at Bumbershoot and film a real 'Ring' video, who wouldn't? But it is not all fun and games, especially when you are trying to change the political world. Full of humor and wit, the top five stories from What's Good 206 highlight the amazing storytelling that has taken place in 2016. Maybe we should change the name to 'What's Best 206'?

Empire of Medieval Pursuits: The Real-Life ‘Game of Thrones’

From full armor sets to medieval tunes, the Empire of Medieval Pursuits (EMP) is the real medieval deal. It attracts a certain breed of medieval-history and martial-arts enthusiasts who crave authenticity, especially when it comes to combat fighting.

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Art in Motion

If you've hopped on the Sound Transit Link Light Rail at either the SODO or Stadium Station lately, you may have looked out the window and seen vast, abstract shapes of red, yellow, green and blue. Or, perhaps you observed the black and white patterns of a large doe prancing through a forest, or pink cats raining from the sky over the iconic Mount Rainier.

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Bumbershoot Recap With Paris Nguyen

Paris Nguyen of What's Good 206 set out on a quest to find the weirdest and kookiest that Bumbershoot has to offer. Did he succeed? Watch the video to find out.

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I Live in ‘The Ring’ House

Todd Kaumans and brothers Dylan and Jesse Stipek are three 20-something friends who share a unique interest: an obsession with the movie The Ring. They fell in love with the film as adolescents and recently decided to take their fandom to a new level. A few months ago, they learned the farmhouse and ranch where the movie was filmed was up for rent. So — as any diehard fan would do — they moved in.

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Game Changers: Millennials Who Are Raising the Bar for Political Engagement

All millennials are lazy, entitled, selfish brats. Right? WRONG! In this podcast, What’s Good 206 showcases local millennials who are paving the way for political change in Washington State. Producer Jen Germain talked with three political activists who prove that millennials aren’t just the future leaders of our country, but are already helping to lead it.

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