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Thomas and the Runaway Kite: When the wind blows Sir Topham Hatt's grandchildren's kite...
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Splish Splash Splosh: Thomas plays in the rain puddles with Rosie instead of picking up...

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Hiro is coming to Sodor for a visit! Sir Topham Hatt decides to throw a surprise party...
Thomas & Friends  ·  Episode 608

Good Deeds


A Blooming Mess: When Emily sees Mavis frowning, she assumes that she is in a bad mood. To cheer her up, Emily decorates Mavis's work area with flowers, but they get in the way of the other engines. Emily learns that she should have asked Mavis first.
Henry's Good Deeds: Henry tries to do good deeds, but always ends up making a mess instead. Henry ends up doing good when he least expects it.

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