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The Race Is On
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Sidney Sings / Diesel and the Ducklings Sidney Sings Sidney is a very helpful diesel...
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Reds vs Blues / Best Engine Ever Reds vs Blues On game days, Thomas is very popular...

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Slow Stephen / Two Wheels Good Slow Stephen Stephen is the oldest engine on the Island of...
Thomas & Friends  ·  Episode 1303

The Race Is On


The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead / Philip to the Rescue The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead Philip, a new little diesel boxcab, arrives at Knapford full of energy and enthusiasm. When Gordon tells Philip how fast he can travel, Philip is determined to prove that he's faster, and challenges him to a race. Gordon tells him to go away, but Philip only hears "go" and races off. When Philip arrives at Brendam Docks and Gordon still hasn't overtaken him, Philip assumes he's won. Later that evening at Tidmouth Sheds, Gordon announces that he wasn't racing and reminds everyone about his speed. Philip is not disheartened-he's happy to have made new friends on Sodor. . Learning Goals: being helpful, following directions, paying attention Philip to the Rescue When Philip shows off to James about how many trucks he can pull, James decides to prove that he is the stronger engine by pulling a very long train of cars. Soon disaster strikes as James loses control of all of the cars and comes off the rails, breaking through a stone bridge. As James dangles off the bridge, Philip races to save him by sliding under him just before he falls. A grateful James apologizes for calling Philip a show off. Learning Goals: demonstrating modesty, understanding there are consequences to one's actions, apologizing, honesty, expressing gratitude.

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