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Slowly Wins The Race
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Reds vs Blues / Best Engine Ever Reds vs Blues On game days, Thomas is very popular...
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The Phantom Express - James tries to scare Percy by telling him that there's a ghost at...

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Thomas and the Runaway Kite: When the wind blows Sir Topham Hatt's grandchildren's kite...
Thomas & Friends  ·  Episode 1301

Slowly Wins The Race


Slow Stephen / Two Wheels Good Slow Stephen Stephen is the oldest engine on the Island of Sodor. People love to see him, so sometimes he makes special journeys around the island. Although he's still called "The Rocket," he's much slower than the other engines, who sometimes have to slow down for him. This makes Gordon particularly grumpy. But because Stephen travels so slowly, he notices that the suspension bridge is damaged and alerts the other engines in time to avoid a disaster! Learning Goals: appreciating differences, being patient, paying attention to details, making meaningful contributions Two Wheels Good Bertie, Thomas, and Spencer get into a debate about how many wheels are best. Bertie has four wheels, Thomas has six, and Spencer is very proud of his twelve. But when Spencer breaks down while taking the Duke and Duchess to an important event at Callan Castle, Thomas must transport them instead. Thomas finds the track blocked, so Bertie takes over, but then gets a flat tire! Mr. Percival arrives on his bicycle, but the Duke and Duchess can't both ride to Castle on the bike! Luckily, Mr. Percival summons Harold, who transports them to the Castle via helicopter just in time! Learning Goals: valuing the contributions of others, teamwork, flexible thinking, problem-solving.

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