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All at Sea
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It's the day of the Spring Party at the Duke and Duchess of Boxford's summer house....
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Thomas & Friends  ·  Episode 1210

All at Sea


Salty All At Sea - Salty loves to tell scary stories and tall tales of sea monsters, which sometimes scare the other engines. When Sir Topham Hatt lends Salty to a port on the mainland, Salty allows his imagination to get the best of him. He runs away, fearful of traveling by ship. With the help of Thomas, he faces his fear and completes the job. Learning Goals: conquering fears, being a good friend, helping others, following directions. Den and Dart - Den and Dart are best friends and teammates who are rarely separated. When Den is sent to the quarry as a replacement engine, he worries about taking on the new job without Dart. Dart has similar fears, but the dynamic duo manages to cope with the help of their new friends. Learning Goals: making new friends, accepting help, helping others, being a good friend.

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