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Lost and Found
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Salty All At Sea - Salty loves to tell scary stories and tall tales of sea monsters,...
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Emily Saves the World - Emily is thrilled to finally be transporting an exciting load-a...

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Marion and the Dinosaurs - Marion wakes up in the middle of the night and sees a long...
Thomas & Friends  ·  Episode 1206

Lost and Found


Toad and the Whale - Toad, Oliver's brake van, spots a stranded whale on the beach. The Search and Rescue Team arrives at the scene and Oliver and Toad try to assist them. When efforts to drag the whale back into the water are unsuccessful, the engines transport the sea creature by rail to Brendam Docks. The whale is carried on a flatbed and released into the water. Learning Goals: resourceful thinking, helping others, cooperation, teamwork, expressing sympathy and concern for others. Very Important Sheep - Percy damages the back of his wagon in a rush to collect sheep for an agricultural fair. Without realizing there's a hole in the wagon, Percy continues his task and, one by one, the animals escape. Thomas discovers the sheep on the tracks, picks them up, and they ride to the fair with Annie and Clarabel. Learning Goals: understanding there are consequences to one's actions, helping others, accepting help, taking responsibility, learning from mistakes, resourceful thinking.

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