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Telling Tales
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Lost Property - Thomas, Annie, and Clarabel plan to impress the railway inspectors who...
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Last Train for Christmas - It's Christmas Eve and a lot of passengers are coming home to...

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No Steam Without Coal - Without Coal There is a coal shortage at the Clay Pits. Timothy...
Thomas & Friends  ·  Episode 1205

Telling Tales


Who's Geoffrey? - Thomas spontaneously creates Geoffrey, an imaginary engine who he blames a small, silly accident on. When Thomas further describes Geoffrey to friends, Sir Topham Hatt wants to meet the new engine. Thomas realizes that his story may have gotten a little out of hand. Learning Goals: learning from mistakes, telling the truth, taking responsibility, understanding there are consequences to one's actions, apologizing. The Truth About Toby - Toby is stubborn and refuses to fill up with coal when Henrietta reminds him to do so. But when he takes the trucks to the junkyard, he runs out of coal. When Toby is spotted parked among the scraps, a rumor spreads that he's being scrapped! Learning Goals: learning from mistakes, taking responsibility, expressing sympathy and concern for others, being a good friend.

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