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Christmas Time
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Helping Hiro - When Thomas accidentally spills his cargo on the tracks, Hiro becomes...
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Thomas & Friends  ·  Episode 1204

Christmas Time


Cranky Christmas - Sir Topham Hatt sends Thomas to the docks to collect a very important Christmas parcel. When unloading the ship, Cranky drops the parcel and fears that he broke the contents within. He hides the parcel, but it's soon found and Thomas sets off to deliver it. When Thomas slips on the icy tracks, he thinks that he broke the contents of the parcel. Sir Topham Hatt opens the parcel and reveals materials for the community's ice skating rink-unbroken! Learning Goals: being helpful, expressing thanks, taking responsibility for actions, being kind and polite, apologizing. Snow Place Like Home - The snow is causing all sorts of trouble for the engines. Emily is at the Steamworks waiting for a truck, Kevin is trapped outside, and Victor ventures out to rescue Kevin, who he thinks is headed towards the depot. Luckily, Thomas is sent to the depot, too, and is able to find Victor before any other engines get stuck in the snow. Learning Goals: being a good friend, helping others, expressing sympathy and concern for others, applying one's best efforts, resourceful thinking.

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