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Special Deliveries
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Toad and the Whale - Toad, Oliver's brake van, spots a stranded whale on the beach. The...
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Marion and the Dinosaurs - Marion wakes up in the middle of the night and sees a long...

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Timothy and the Rainbow Trucks - Timothy and the Rainbow Trucks Bill and Ben convince...
Thomas & Friends  ·  Episode 1203

Special Deliveries


Emily Saves the World - Emily is thrilled to finally be transporting an exciting load-a huge globe! When she attempts to show it off, it's knocked off her flatbed.The globe rolls haphazardly, but she manages to regain control of it just in time. Learning Goals: expressing thanks, apologizing, helping others. Samson at Your Service - Samson doesn't like to admit his mistakes. Even when other engines try to help him, he fails to listen.Against the others' advice, Samson takes Gordon's Express Coaches to the quarry, instead of the trucks used for carrying stone. Learning Goals: understanding there are consequences to one's actions, taking responsibility, apologizing.

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