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Jurassic Sodor
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Thomas & Friends  ·  Episode 1202

Jurassic Sodor


Marion and the Dinosaurs - Marion wakes up in the middle of the night and sees a long line of dinosaurs gliding past in the moonlight. Thinking it was a dream, she tells Thomas. The dinosaurs return and chase Marion to the castle, where she discovers that they're model dinosaurs for the Earl's new Dinosaur Park! Learning Goals: conquering fears, expressing sympathy and concern for others. Millie and the Volcano - Harvey and Samson are arranging the dinosaur models for the Earl's new Dinosaur Park. When one of the dinosaurs swings towards Millie, she becomes frightened and Samson and Harvey laugh at her. In return, Millie seeks the last laugh. She plans for the groundsman to set his bonfire behind the model volcano, making them both think it's erupting! Learning Goals: conquering fears, developing confidence, resourceful thinking.

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