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Illuminating Minds
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Last Train for Christmas - It's Christmas Eve and a lot of passengers are coming home to...
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Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger - Duncan is the grumpiest engine on the narrow gauge...

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Duncan the Humbug - Everyone is happy at Christmastime except for Duncan, the Scottish...
Thomas & Friends  ·  Episode 1112

Illuminating Minds


No Steam Without Coal - Without Coal There is a coal shortage at the Clay Pits. Timothy warns Bill and Ben to be careful and use their coal sparingly. Bill and Ben don't listen, teasing each other and Timothy, and messing about--until they run out of coal! Luckily, Timothy runs on oil, so he manages to keep going, delivering clay to the docks and bringing back coal for the tank engine twins. Educational Objectives: appreciating differences taking responsibility, apologizing, understanding there are consequences to one's actions. Toad's Bright Idea - Gator is waiting to be loaded onto a ship, but the ship is delayed. When Oliver breaks down, Gator is very happy to help. Gator heads off to get Oliver's trucks and promises to bring them back before morning. But Gator's lamp keeps going out. He decides not to stop to avoid being late. Toad doesn't think it is safe and they argue. In the end, Toad's bright idea helps Gator deliver the trucks in time. Educational Objectives: appreciating differences, paying attention, apologizing, resourceful thinking, accepting and appreciating help, apologizing.

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