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Christmas Cheer!
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Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger - Duncan is the grumpiest engine on the narrow gauge...
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Marion and the Pipe - One day while repairing an embankment, Marion strikes something...

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Signals Crossed - Toby is always nervous when he has to go through Knapford Junction with...
Thomas & Friends  ·  Episode 1110

Christmas Cheer!


Duncan the Humbug - Everyone is happy at Christmastime except for Duncan, the Scottish narrow gauge engine, who seems to be grumbling even more than usual. Victor offers Duncan a new coat of paint if he can refrain from grumbling for one whole day. Duncan rises to the challenge, but it is not so easy for an engine who likes to grumble to give up a lifetime habit. Educational Objectives: perspective taking, following directions, being helpful, recognizing others' emotions, learning from mistakes. The Perfect Gift - The whole island is celebrating Christmas and there are decorations everywhere. But it doesn't look very Christmas-y at the scrap yard. Percy starts to worry that Reg is missing out and he tries to find something to give Reg to cheer him up. But Reg only seems happy about scrap. Percy discovers that Reg is celebrating Christmas in his own way and has been making decorations from the scrap. Educational Objectives: being kind, being a good friend, recycling, creativity, expressing appreciation.

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