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Going Underground
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Duncan the Humbug - Everyone is happy at Christmastime except for Duncan, the Scottish...
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Signals Crossed - Toby is always nervous when he has to go through Knapford Junction with...

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Thomas the Quarry Engine - When Thomas and Diesel are sent to collect trucks from the...
Thomas & Friends  ·  Episode 1109

Going Underground


Marion and the Pipe - One day while repairing an embankment, Marion strikes something hard and insists it must be the mast of a Viking ship. It looks like a water pipe to Thomas, but Marion is adamant that it isn't. The next day Thomas notices flooding near the bank. Marion has to admit her mistake and help prevent an accident. Educational Objectives: demonstrating responsibility, teamwork, helping others, expressing thanks. Missing Gator - Percy misses his friend Gator and keep thinking about the good times they had together. Percy is sad, so the other engines advise him to keep busy to take his mind off it. Percy rushes about trying to keep busy, but he loses control of some trucks. The trucks roll into an old mine. Percy is too frightened to go in after them until he remembers what Gator taught him about being brave! Educational Objectives: being aware of others' feelings, being helpful, being a good friend.

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